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48hourslogo is a crowdsourced logo design platform. It offers logo design contests as well as other brand identity services for business owners and entrepreneurs. 48hourslogo stands out from its competitors with its high speed, being able to deliver a logo in as little as 2 days. The platform also boasts a price point on the lower side of the average.

48hourslogo logo




2-5 days

Starting Price



  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Low cost
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Allows renewing contest for $19


  • Higher costs to attract quality designers
  • Small number of designers compared to other platforms
  • Contests are public by default
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What is 48HoursLogo?

48hourslogo is a design contest platform where you can get a custom logo or other brand assets. It is included in our list of most popular logo contest sites.

While logo design is their most popular service, 48HoursLogo also offers banners, website designs, and print designs such as posters, labels or packaging.

How Does 48hourslogo Work?

48hourslogo is a contest based-platform, so you only have to share your creative brief, set the prize amount and wait for designers to start sending in their creations.

If you want to attract the best designers of the platform, just bump up the prize money. The higher the prize, the better the submissions you’ll receive.

The platform also allows you to hire individual graphic designers or invite them to an open contest.


  • Ease of use: Simple and straightforward brief completion process. As you complete your design brief, peruse through the plentiful sample logos and select ones that best fit your vision.
  • Renew contests: If your results are less than desirable, 48HoursLogo makes it easy to renew your contest for just $19 in a mere 48 hours.
  • Guaranteed contests: You have the power to decide whether or not you want to guarantee a contest. Guaranteed contest costs $29 which you pay upfront to attract more and high-quality designers.
  • Price: 48hourslogo has a relatively low price compared to its competitors. So if you don’t have a high budget for your logo, this platform might be a great option.
  • Turnaround time: you can get a logo in as little as 2 days, but for more and higher quality designs, consider launching a longer contest.


  • More expensive to attract more high quality designs: To attract more and high quality graphic designers, you’ll have to either select a more expensive package or pay extra fees such as “Featured Upgrade”.
  • Designers can’t see each other’s submissions: Since designers can’t see each other’s submissions, there is a chance you will get similar designs reducing the chance of getting what you like.
  • Extra cost for a private contest: There is a $30 fee if you want to upgrade to a private contest.

How to Launch a Contest on 48hourslogo?

48hourslogo has a user-friendly interface and an intuitive signup process. You can start a design contest with great ease and connect with talented designers.

Here’s step-by-step process on how to launch a contest.

1. Select Design Package

Based on your needs, choose the preferred design package.

There are different packages for each brand asset. The packages are differentiated as “Budget,” “Standard,” and “Premium.” We’ll discuss the exact pricing in the next section.

The higher the prize money, the more and better designs you will get.

2. Post Contest Brief

Next, you’ll be asked to complete the brief. Make sure to convey your vision and expectations for the best possible result.

So, make sure to provide enough details about the project. To make it easier, there is a form on the website that requires you to fill out.

48hourslogo contest brief

3. Set Contest Duration & Add Upgrades (If Needed)


The great thing about 48hoursLogo is that it allows you to choose your contest duration. You are open to options from 24 hours to 5 days.

The timelines for your contest are pre-set according to the package you select. For example, with the Budget package, your contest will be active and available for entry over 48 hours.

In contrast, if you opt for the Premium package, it extends to a duration of five days.


You can opt for the Private Upgrade feature for an additional $30. It hides your contest from the public and search engines.

There’s a Featured Upgrade as well. If you want your contest to be listed above other regular ones, you only have to upgrade it for $20. With this feature, there are chances of receiving 25% more designs.

4. Revise Received Submissions

After some time the designs will start pouring in. 48HoursLogo allows you to ask for revisions and provide feedback on your favorite designs.

48HoursLogo is different from other design platforms in this area because it doesn’t allow designers to view each other’s work.

You’ll have one additional week to work on logo revisions. Select three of your favorite finalists and collaborate with them on any necessary adjustments if needed.

5. Choose a Contest Winner

After you’ve done with revisions, now is the time to select a winner. Once you’ve announced the results, you’ll receive the final files before logging out.

48hourslogo Pricing & Packages

48hourslogo offers three packages for every brand asset, including:

  • Logo
  • Identity
  • Print
  • Digital

With each of these brand assets, you can select one of the three pricing packages: Budget, Standard and Premium. Each of them has its distinct features, deliverables, and prize amount.

The Logo design is their most popular service as it is the major element of brand identity. All other brand assets have the same pricing except the Identity package which has slightly cheaper pricing.


Cost: $129

What you get: 20 logo designs from different designers delivered within 48 hours.

With the Budget package, you will get the lowest number of designs and will be able to select 1 finalist designer. This package is ideal for those who don’t have high expectations of the logo design and wants it delivered quickly. Also, it’s the cheapest package.


Cost: $199

What you get: Approximately 40 logo designs delivered within 3 days.

With the Standard package, you’ll be getting more designs and be able to choose 2 finalists. With this package you’ll be getting 3 invites meaning you can select 3 different designers that you like and invite them to your contest. All other features are the same as on the Budget package.  


Cost: $299

What you get: Approximately 60 logo designs delivered within 5 days.

The Premium package is the most expensive one and provides the most design options while allowing you to choose 3 finalists and invite 5 designers to your contest. In short, this package will provide you with the most options.

48hourslogo Alternatives and How They Compare

PriceFrom $129From $299From $109
Contest Duration2-5 days~7 days~7 days


99designs is a great alternative if you need high quality designs and more options to choose from. This is also a crowdsourced platform with a bigger designer pool. However, it is more expensive than 48hourslogo, with the cheapest plan for a logo design costing $299. The most expensive plan costs $1,299 and has exclusive features such as a dedicated project manager, priority support, and only toplevel designers.


DesignCrowd is another platform where you can launch a design contest. This platform has similar prices to 48hourslogo for the same amount of designs. However, DesignCrowd also offers more expensive plans with more features and more designs to choose from.  Along with logo design, DesignCrowd offers tons of other design services to choose from.

48hours Review: the Bottom Line

Overall, 48HoursLogo is an excellent option for businesses looking to create a unique logo and brand identity on a budget. It’s user-friendly, low-cost, and efficient for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

The ability to determine the duration of your contest and receive feedback from the designers is an awesome feature that some other design platforms lack.

The platform also has a store where you can buy premade logo designs and customize them according to your needs. And if you’re looking for the top designers to work with, the platform has a “Designers” tab that can help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, 48HoursLogo is a legitimate design contest platform that offers fast turnaround time and low prices. It has been offering logo design services since 2009.

The main service 48hourslogo provides is logo design. Additionally, the platform offers branding assets such as designs for social media design, websites, landing pages, banners or prints.

To run a successful contest, you should submit a detailed brief. It should contain all the information designers need to know about your project and what you are looking for. Also, provide as many reference images as possible for clarity.

Yes, there are other platforms that offer similar services, such as 99designs, DesignCrowd or Zillion Designs. But 48HoursLogo offers a great overall experience for creating logos, with great customer support and quick delivery.

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