99designs Alternatives & Competitors (2023)

Some of the graphic design services are monthly services so you can outsource everything design related and focus on what matters most.

Whereas some let you purchase one-off services, which can also be a great option to have. These kind of services are mostly similar to 99designs contests.

In this post, we’re comparing some great alternatives to 99designs that can help you with all types of design tasks.

Our Verdict

Best For Contests

designcrowd logo

DesignCrowd is the best choice to launch a design contest. Especially great for big projects like a logo or website design. Also, you will be getting lots of designs from different designers to choose from.

Best For Unlimited Graphic Design

kimp logo

Kimp offers unlimited graphic design for a flat monthly fee. It is a great option for small businesses and cheaper than having a freelancer or hiring a full-time graphic designer.

The best alternative for 99designs is DesignCrowd when you have a big project (like a logo or website).

With DesignCrowd, you will have the option to set your own price for the contest. Also, you will be getting lots of designs from different graphic designers to choose from.


If you need consistent graphic design, we would say Kimp is the best pick. Its customer service is extremely friendly and fast. You get not only a dedicated graphic design team but also a dedicated project manager.

Kimp is a great option for small businesses and a cheaper option than having a freelancer or hiring a full-time graphic designer (you can check this guide about graphic designer rates). What’s more, Kimp has a 7-day free trial to see if they are the right fit for you.

How We Picked

Delivery time. Delivery or turnaround time is usually extremely important. For big contests like logo design time might be less important, but when you need consistent graphic design then it becomes one of the main factors.

Price. Price is the essential factor in choosing the best option. We mainly checked and compared what the pricing type is – per project, per contest or per month.

What you get. For the price you pay, it is very important to know what you are getting. There is a huge difference between launching a contest versus working with a dedicated graphic designer. One graphic designer won’t provide you with 50 different design options. On the other hand, having a dedicated graphic designer can be a huge advantage in the long term.

Top 99designs Alternatives

Here’s the list of the main 99designs alternatives:

  1. DesignCrowd
  2. DesignContest
  3. ManyPixels
  4. Design Pickle
  5. Kimp
  6. GraphicsZoo
  7. Fiverr

DesignCrowd (Most Similar to 99Designs)

designcrowd as 99designs alternative

DesignCrowd is an online marketplace that offers services such as logo, website, print and graphic design. It does so by giving access to freelance graphic designers as well as design studios around the globe.

DesignCrowd vs 99designs

It is similar to 99Designs since it is also a crowdsourced design platform that operates with a system based on contests.

With DesignCrowd you are not made aware of the prices at the beginning of the design contest which might make you feel like you are going in a bit blind.

DesignCrowd also charges a minor transaction fee to start a competition which is not commonly the case with other platforms.

Moreover, it is more flexible with contest times as well as more affordable than 99designs.

Even though the platform has got a lower entry price it functions a lot better with designer invitations.

Compared to DesignCrowd, 99Design’s website is modern and upbeat. It is also more intuitive. Furthermore, you get extraordinary results on 99Design even just by posing for your competition.


designcontest as 99designs alternative

DesignContest is one more crowdsourced platform in our list with thousands of qualified graphic designers. It also has both options of starting a contest or having a dedicated professional designer. Their 4.8/5 customer satisfaction rate confirms that the platform is highly reliable.

DesignContest vs 99designs

Compared to 99designs, you can set your own contest price in DesignContest. Which provides you with more control. However, keep in mind that there is a minimum fee that you must set in each category contest.

Also, DesignContest might be a faster way to get your desired design. There are extra options like settings 2nd and 3rd place awards which help to attract more designers.

The main drawbacks are that the price of the contest might be high. Also, there are several conditions that have to be met in order to be available for the money-back guarantee.



Another popular on-demand graphic design service is ManyPixels. It offers flexibility to the users by offering an intuitive interface and simple features for managing tasks.

Once you submit your design request, you can get the first draft within 2 days. And all of it for only $449/month, a flat fee, and no contract.

ManyPixels vs 99designs

The main difference between the two is that ManyPixels has a monthly flat rate and it does not have contests.

Besides having high quality content, it also offers users to submit as many designs as they like and get feedback on them.

Users can also dig out their previous files by going into the history settings. In this way, they can work on their original source.

It also enables you to create your own brand profiles so that designers could recognize your profile and easily grasp the brand guidelines.

Another benefit of ManyPixels is that it paves a way for small startups to develop their branding profiles, and take advantage of its graphic design services at affordable rates.

The only limitation in using ManyPixels is that if you want to get more than your assigned work, you need to pay more, which is not the case with 99designs.

Design Pickle

design pickle as 99designs alternative

Design Pickle is the pioneer when it comes to the on-demand graphic design business model. The platform offers affordable prices, quick turnarounds, and positive customer experiences.

The standard plan of Design Pickle starts at $499 each month. If you pay the fees quarterly, then you get a 5% discount while a 10% is reserved if you choose to pay annually.

With Design Pickle you also get a 14-day free trial period.

Design Pickle vs 99designs

Unlike 99Designs, users are allowed to request multiple projects via email or directly through the platform. This is possible if you have the Design Pickle Pro Plan.

99Designs is great as a one-time service as it is a contest-based graphic design platform so if you need a logo or a t-shirt design for single time use then 99Designs is the one to choose.

On the other hand, Design Pickle is subscription-based where you pay a monthly fee and get access to unlimited design services with as many revisions as you require.

This works best for long-term commitments. However, 99Designs might be more affordable than Design Pickle if you consistently don’t need graphic design services.


kimp io

Kimp is one of the most versatile graphic design companies. It gives an opportunity to the users to submit numerous design requests. 

The users will also have the privilege of using free robust tools which other companies don’t offer for free.

Another benefit of using Kimp is that it offers multiple users to work on the same project at a time. So, you can accomplish your biggest goals within a limited timeframe by working together on a project.

If we talk about pricing, it offers a great deal on the $389 a month plan as well as a free trial for those who are unfamiliar with it and want to furnish their skills first.

Read the full Kimp review here.

Kimp vs 99designs

Users can either submit their design request by means of an email or Trello and wait for a few days until they get a project to get started. It also offers several revisions and feedback options.

As far as the design types are concerned, users can use several standardized design options ranging from logos, billboards, T-shirts and infographics.

Whereas if we talk about 99designs, they don’t offer extensive design options until you pay them. Whereas Kimp lets you have a vast variety of designs for a single monthly fee.

Graphics Zoo

graphics zoo

Graphics Zoo offers unlimited graphic design services with 120 design options of different categories. 

The services range from exceptional design ideas for business profiles to creative marketing plan design ideas for marketers to many more flexible design traits for agencies to help them boost their business.

After submitting your request, you can ask for revisions, give feedback, and ask the designer to make changes to it until you get satisfied. It also offers communication with the account manager to answer all queries.

Graphics Zoo vs 99designs

Graphics Zoo offers unlimited revisions within a fixed monthly fee whereas 99designs asks for more fees.

However, if you don’t need different designs every month and all you need is, for example, a logo design, 99designs contest might be a better option.


fiverr as 99designs alternative

Fiverr is another marketplace where designers from all over the globe provide design services. However, as opposed to 99Designs, it offers more user-generated content to clients. It works like a social media site wherein clients sponsor gigs offered by the sellers.

Fiverr is unique in that it has a variety of gigs. As the platform has progressed, more sophisticated professions like digital marketing, article writing or graphics design have taken importance on the site.

Fiverr allows designers to cut off the middleman and offer their services directly to the client. The designers get the upper hand as they are allowed to ask their own prices. However, as the market is open and the competition is high, designers usually ask for minimum prices so that they can land enough gigs.

Fiverr vs 99designs

Unlike 99Designs, Fiverr does not have as many graphic designers as listed on the platform. Moreover, you are more likely to find a lot more artistic styles on 99Designs as opposed to Fiverr. 99Designs also has a search engine that is designed specifically with the designer search in mind.

I would recommend Fiverr over 99designs only if you need a basic and simple graphic design for a cheaper price since the platform might contain less experienced graphic designers. In all other cases, I would say 99designs is a better choice.

99designs Alternatives: Comparison Table

99designs Alternative

Pricing type

Delivery time

Design Crowd

Per contest

3, 5 or 10 days deadline

Design Contest

Per contest

~7 days

Many Pixels

Monthly flat rate

1-2 days delivery

Design Pickle

Monthly flat rate

1-2 days


Monthly flat rate

1 days

Graphics Zoo

Monthly flat rate

1-2 days


Per project

~1-5 days

Contests vs Unlimited Graphic Design

99designs, DesignCrowd and DesignContest are contest-based websites. In their marketplace of graphic designers, a competition is launched to win the contest. The great outcome of this is that you can choose from many different design options.

Kimp, Design Pickle, Manypixels and Graphics Zoo are unlimited graphic design services which provide you with dedicated graphic designers who create designs for you.

So the question is – which type of service you should choose?

It depends on your needs.

For example, if you need a logo or website design for your new brand, DesignCrowd or DesignContest might be a better option.

On the other hand, if you have lots of design requests and need consistent graphic design for your business, then unlimited graphic design providers would be a perfect fit.


99Designs has one of the biggest pools of graphic designers in the design community.

So, what’s better than 99designs?

DesignCrowd has more flexible contest times, affordable prices as well as more versatility. Fiverr, on the other hand, might be cheaper but contain less experienced designers.

On the other hand, ManyPixels, Design Pickle, Kimp and Graphics Zoo are cheaper options for what you get but can’t choose from lots of different designs, compared to launching a contest.

All these alternatives have their own pros and cons but, now it’s your turn to decide which one you prefer the most and what suits your requirements!

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