About us

Eksposure is an online resource that helps people navigate their way through finding the best creative solutions. We provide photography and graphic design-related analysis, research, opinions and reviews. We are working independently and transparently.

Here, we keep it simple, so visitors can focus on the best gear and software options for everyday use. We are dedicated to writing design and photography articles that will help you discover things faster and hopefully make better choices.

Our Mission

Eksposure.com was created with the user’s perspective in mind. 

You can find resources on photography, graphic design, various guides, industry statistics, product reviews, creative advice, inspiration, and much more.

Our articles strive to educate readers about creating the best photos, making the best visuals and their overall creative environment.

You can find more information on how we test and review products and services.

Why us?

karolis kiniulis

Hey, my name is Karolis Kiniulis.

I’ve been in the photography and graphic design industry for over a decade. My work has been featured in numerous online publications and news articles.

I’ve tested a lot of different products and software. I learned the hard way that choosing what works best can be extremely time-consuming.

That’s why I came up with the idea to create this website.

I’ve decided to put more focus on research and helping others.

If you have any questions – contact us

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