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The Journey

Hey, my name is Karolis. Thank you for visiting this site.

I think everyone has their personal journey of becoming a professional photographer.

Yet everyone has a starting point.

That’s why I came up with an idea to create this website. 

Photography is not all about what kind of camera you are using – it’s more about what kind of mindset you have. 

I find this very fascinating, that’s why I do a lot of research!

About eksposure.com

After years of being into photography and videography myself, I realized that it is difficult to choose proper photography gear without doing at least minimum research. 

Eksposure.com was created with the user’s perspective in mind. 

We keep it simple, so visitors can focus on the best gear options for their everyday photography and on the perspective for constantly improving their skills.

On this website, you’ll find topics covered such as:

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