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Aurora HDR Free Trial

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Note: Aurora HDR was replaced by Luminar Neo, which offers the HDR Merge extension that includes HDR editing features.

Photo editor: Aurora HDR
Replaced by: Luminar Neo (HDR Merge extension)
Upgrade: Available

Aurora HDR used to offer a free trial of up to 10 days for those who wanted to try the software before buying.

The free trial gave full access to all the tools available in the paid version.

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How to Download Aurora HDR Free Trial?

  • Step #1: Visit the free download page of Aurora HDR
  • Step #2: Click “Free Download” (it should start downloading automatically)
  • Step #3: Install the software
  • Step #4: Enjoy it 10 days free

example how to download aurora free trial

How Much is Aurora HDR After Free Trial?

Once your free trial period is over, Aurora will offer you the opportunity to continue using the software by selecting one of the plans and purchasing a subscription.

Aurora HDR currently costs $99, or you can buy in a bundle with Luminar for $149.

It also has a 30-days money-back guarantee in case it doesn’t live up to your expectations.

Aurora HDR Free Trial Features

aurora hdr free trial for 10 days mode

Here’s a list of some key features and tools offered by Aurora HDR.

Intuitive User-interface

Aurora HDR is incredibly simple and easy to use.

It features a clear and user-friendly interface that allows you to edit photos quickly and easily.

Powerful AI Tools

The latest version has introduced some innovative AI features including HDR clarity, HDR smart structure, and smart tone.

Seamless Integration

In addition to being used as a standalone program, Aurora HDR allows integration with other programs and photoshop plug-ins.

Advanced Tone-Mapping Technology

Aurora HDR comes with built-in tone mapping technology that can transform an average image into a stunning HDR image within seconds.

Automated Batch Processing

Aurora HDR through the photos to divide single images from bracketed shots as well as sort them into relevant sets allowing you to easily process the whole batch.

Adjustable Gradient Filter

This amazing filter allows you to edit the top and bottom of the photo separately and create a smooth transaction between both sections for a more natural look.

Post-Processing Features

Aurora HDR offers a variety of post-processing tools including:

  • Basic color enhancements
  • LUT mapping
  • Basic clarity and contrast
  • Tone Curves
  • Vignette
  • Color toning


Aurora HDR has a wide range of presets to improve the basic quality of your HDR images. Some of these are: essential, dramatic, architectural, landscape, and artistic.

Aurora HDR: Is it Worth It?

Aurora HDR is certainly one of the best HDR software currently available in the market especially after the latest update this program is turning into a force to reckon with.

Its capabilities are unparalleled and the AI technology simply makes Aurora a game-changer in the photo editor industry.

It offers an impressive range of filters and photo editing tools that allows you to create powerful HDR images with clear and enhanced details as if they are edited by a professional.

If you’ve been looking for an alternative to Lightroom or other top-notch editing programs, Aurora HDR is a worthy option.

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