Best Drones under $400 – Top Models Reviewed

best drones under 400

As the world advances, so does technology.

Today you can get a great value quadcopter for under $400.

Whether you’re a flight enthusiast or need one for employment purposes, this article has got you covered. 

The biggest worry about buying a quality drone is that some of them cost a lot. And by a lot, I mean a hefty amount.

That’s why:

I have compiled the best drones under $400 to give you the best options in an affordable range.

Let’s get in the article to check out different drones and what to look for when buying one.

List of Best Drones Under $400

  • DJI Mavic Mini
  • Holy Stone HS700D FPV Drone
  • Holy Stone HS720 GPS Drone
  • DJI Ryze Tech Tello Mini
  • Walkera F210 Racing Drone
  • Hubsan Zino Pro
  • RUKO F11Pro
  • Force1 F100GP

DJI Mavic Mini

Sale -26%
DJI Mavic Mini Drone FlyCam Quadcopter
  • The compact yet powerful Mavic Mini camera drone is the perfect creative companion, capturing your moments in a way that effortlessly elevates the ordinary
  • Weighing less than 0.55lbs by 250 grams, Mavic Mini is almost as light as the average smartphone. In the United States and Canada, you can fly this camera drone without the need to register your drone with the government
  • Mavic Mini supports 12MP aerial photos and 2.7K HD videos. A 3-axis motorized gimbal provides superior camera stability and ensures clear, Ultra-smooth footage

DJI is one of the leading brands that creates innovative drones to make our lives easier. Their DJI Mavic Mini is perhaps one of their best inventions with the lightest design and high-end camera results.

Let’s check this drone specs out in detail.

Lightweight design: If you’re looking for something lightweight and easy to fly, the Mavic Mini is just the drone for you. It weighs less than 0.55lbs – 250 grams, making it the lightest drone on my list. It would come to you as a surprise when I tell you that it weighs the same as your average smartphone.

Since the drone is super light, it uses much less energy hence it can stay in the air longer than most drones. This is also the drone with the longest life-time on my list. The Mavic mini can last for 30 minutes when fully charged.

Camera specifications: The drone supports a high-quality 12MP camera that enables you to shoot clear aerial photos and 2.7K HD videos. 

Just like all the professional drones, the Mavic Mini also features a 3-axis motorized gimbal providing superior camera stability. This calls for clear and ultra-smooth footage.


  • Weighs under only 250 grams
  • Has a flight time of 30 minutes
  • Supports high-quality 12 MP aerial photos
  • Has a flight tutorial mode for ease of use
  • Offers two replacement units

Pros and Cons

Final Verdict

Overall, this was my favorite product as it is the most lightweight and has one of the longest battery lifes. The delicate white design is pretty impressive as well. 

If you’re looking for a drone that is not only modern but has somewhat of an elegant touch to it, definitely go for the Mavic Mini.

Holy Stone HS700D FPV Drone

Holy Stone HS700D FPV Drone with 4K FHD Camera
  • 4K FHD 90°Adjustable Camera with 5G Transmission: The upgraded camera (3840*2160P stored in TF card) with 110°FOV (field of view) lens gives a panoramic view for recording your unforgettable moment. 5G transmission ensures fast and high-quality FPV real time video from 1640-2600FT away- ideals for selfie. Edit and share your new creations to social media with your drone app directly.
  • GPS Assisted Flight: With GPS location, the drone can hover stably and automatically return to Home precisely when its battery is low or the signal is lost. Shot with ease when the drone can follow you or fly in a circle along the path you set.
  • 22 Mins Max Flight Time: The High-capacity 2800mAh intelligent battery yields up to 22mins flight time. It also has low-power alert. You can immerse yourself in a substantial flight.

Holy Stone brand solely focuses on producing high-quality drones which is why you can never go wrong with a Holy Stone product.

Their HS700D FPV drone is a shining example of their exceptional craftsmanship.

Adjustable Camera: The 3840 x 2160P camera surely beats all the others when it comes to clear quality HD images. The lens gives a panoramic view of recording every view neatly.

The 5G transmission is perhaps one of its most delightful features that ensure fast and high-quality FPV real-time video even from 1640 to 2600 feet away.

Top-notch flight: The GPS location enables the drone to smoothly fly over multiple locations and return home when the battery is low.

Just simply set the path and wait for your drone to return. 

When it comes to the flight time, you will not be disappointed as this drone has a flight time of not 20 but a whole of 22 minutes.

Less than the Mavic Mini, but still more than other drones on my list.


  • Quick-release performance
  • 22-min flight time
  • Custom flight path app is enabled
  • Features a 1500 KV long-lasting brushless motor

Pros and Cons

Final Verdict

The Holy Stone HS700D drone is comparatively better than most other drones out there. 

It is easy to use and has a long flight time. For beginners, it is more than perfect.

Holy Stone HS720 GPS Drone

Holy Stone HS720 Foldable GPS Drone with 4K UHD Camera
  • 4K UHD Camera with Image Stabilization: The optimized full HD Camera built with Shock Absorption holder ensures shooting 3840 x 2160 high resolution images and videos without camera vibration. 5GHz FPV transmission and 90°adjustable lens enables you to see the word from different angle.
  • GPS Assisted Intelligent Flight: Never lose the drone. It returns automatically whenever battery is low, signal is lost or you press one key return. Also, it is so smart to fly at your will, following you automatically, flying along a path you set, or fly around a point in circles. You may focus on your photography and creation.
  • Configuration Upgrade: The 2 intelligent batteries works for 26 Mins/per battery for each charge; 52 Mins in total with 2 batteries; the long-life Brushless Motors have lower power consumption and give you a quieter flight; the foldable design and well-fitted carrying case make it easy to take the drone outdoor. DON'T use batteries from other brands, which may cause product issue or safety concern! PRODUCT SUPPORT AVAILABLE!

Holy Stone HS720 GPS drone beats all the others when talking about top-notch performance and elegance.

The design is super pretty and the technology installed is just mind-blowing. Holy Stone gives the HS720 drone their all and it is pretty evident.

Let’s check out how.

Advanced technology: The flight time of the HS720 Drone is slightly better than the HS700D. It lasts a full 26 minutes in the air with a full battery.

The brushless motor also has a low power consumption mode installed to give you a better and quieter flight.

Moreover, this drone is equipped with multi-sensors. These guarantee hovering with great stability even in the harshest weather situations.

The optical flow positioning makes a great alternative when the GPS signal doesn’t work.

Obliging controlling: The HS720 has a control range of 2.4GHz transmitter which enables you to fly even at 3000 feet away from the ground – pretty impressive right?

The innovative LED screen makes operating this drone a child’s play with battery level and GPS signal right in the front.


  • Optical flow positioning technology
  • Automatically orbits around a point of interest
  • The GPS is enabled to return home when the battery is low
  • Bears a foldable design with carrying bag

Pros and Cons

Final Verdict

If you’re a beginner just starting, this is a great pick for you because of its easy controls and protective layers that prevent scratching.

You can experiment in flying high as you start as well.

DJI Ryze Tech Tello Mini

Ryze Tech Tello Boost Combo - Mini Drone with 5MP Camera for Kids and Adults
  • See the World from the Sky: Whether you're at the park or hanging out at home, take off and experience the world from new perspectives. This small drone weighs only 87 g, has two antennas for extra-stable video transmission, and a high-capacity battery that offers up to 13 minutes of flight.
  • Capture Great Pictures and Videos: Tello's camera has a high-quality image sensor to capture 5MP (2592x1936) photos and 720p HD videos. If you're a beginner, one-tap EZ Shots let you shoot pro-level videos to share on social media straight from your smartphone.
  • Programming Fun: The Tello EDU app supports Scratch, a kid-friendly programming language. With a mobile device, students can drag coding blocks that command Tello to perform exciting movements. Games with challenging levels teach more programming skills in a fun way.

Ryze Tech Tello Mini Drone is the perfect choice for you if you are a student.

This elegant drone is super easy to control. It has multiple kid-friendly languages that are not so common in drones which makes it super easy and convenient to control.

High-quality images: The Tello Mini Drone provides high-quality images with the help of the sensor that enables you to capture 2592 x 1936P photos and 720p HD videos.

The good news for the beginners, the one-tap EZ shots enable you to shoot high-quality videos. What’s amazing is that you can do so straight from your smartphone.

Fun programming features: As I mentioned the kid-friendly programs before, the EDU app installed in the Tech Tello supports such a program called ‘Scratch’, It enables you to program and play games with your drone.

I mean, how fun is a drone that lets you play as well?


  • Weights 87 grams only
  • Two antennas enable clear video transmission
  • The battery offers 13 minutes of flight
  • Has a focal length of 82.6

Pros and Cons

Final Verdict

The Ryze Tech Tello Mini drone is the perfect match for kids and students just learning the tech world.

If you fit either category and are looking for a drone as well, you’re in luck!

Walkera F210 Racing Drone

Sale -34%
Walkera F210 3D Edition 2.4GHz Racing Drone
  • F210 3D Edition Flip in 3D Aerobatic Mode
  • Optimized receiver RX Response 5ms 4 times faster in speed
  • Optimized flight controller parameter adjustable by phone

Walkera is a quadcopter manufacturer that has been building consumer trust with their exceptional products for a while now.

If you’re in doubt, always choose Walkera because not only are their drones of prime quality but quite affordable as well.

Let’s check out why the F210 is known as one of the best cheap drones for photography.

Superior design: When it comes to durability, Walkera has you covered.

The F210 racing drone has a new bow body design with a carbon fiber material that offers superior ruggedness and anti-drop ability when in use. Its innovative design ensures centered gravity.

What it does is that it increases flight stability and turning dexterity.

Camera performance: The camera lets you capture clear images even in the driest or cloudy weather.

120-degree angle along with the high-definition result makes this the perfect camera for capturing high-definition images.

Its photosensitive sensors further help create better pictures by adjusting to the brightness of the light.


  • RX 5ms superior speed response
  • Optimized OSD system
  • 8G transmission with adjustable angle
  • 700TVL video result

Pros and Cons

Final Verdict

If you’re a professional photographer that works day and night, there might be no other drone that works as great as this.

With multiple features installed to give you the best camera results, you will achieve nothing but the best quality images.

Hubsan Zino Pro

Hubsan is also known as the leading provider of flight control. You must have heard of the Zino series from the Hubsan Empire. Their drones are well-known throughout the field.

Let’s check out if the Hubsan Zino Pro is as promising as it sounds.

Powerful performance: If you’re looking for a high-battery time drone, you have landed right at the spot for the Zino Pro+ is equipped with a battery that has a 3 5000mAh capacity.

Zino Pro+ drone has a flight time of 39 minutes! The 6-axis Gyro and 3-axis Gimbal strive to give you the best angles when capturing.

Innumerous features: The drone is equipped with innumerous features including vision auxiliary landing, orbiting, headless mode, and image tracking.

It even has an automatic takeoff and landing mode enabled along with an automatic return home ability.


  • Increase 2.0 automatically adjusts frequencies
  • 3 different route modes
  • Indicators indicate low battery
  • Can be equipped with ND filters

Pros and Cons

Final Verdict

The Zino Pro+ is packed with features to ensure a safe flight so, in my opinion, this would be best for both pros and newbies.

Ruko F11Pro

Sale -21%
RUKO F11Pro Drone with 4K UHD Camera
  • 【𝟒𝐊 𝐔𝐇𝐃 𝐂𝐚𝐦𝐞𝐫𝐚】Experience splendid 4k Ultra HD picture quality and 2.9k video for stunning clarity,high contrast, vivid colors. Bring amazing view sight. The camera with a 𝟏𝟐𝟎°FOV lens and 𝟗𝟎°adjustable camera gives a broad view of your memorable moment.
  • 【3𝟎 𝐌𝐢𝐧𝐬 𝐅𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐓𝐢𝐦𝐞】Equipped with one upgraded 2500mAh intelligent battery provides up to 30 minutes flight time, gives you more fun! (5V/3A adapter). Do not use charger over 5V/3A and fast charging is prohibited.
  • 【𝐄𝐚𝐬𝐲 𝐭𝐨 𝐋𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐧 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐅𝐮𝐧 𝐭𝐨 𝐅𝐥𝐲】It comes with beginner settings to let you get used to then you can use other functions further, easy to fly for all levels. Intelligent flight features like Follow Me Mode, Tap Fly, Point of Interest, Hand Gesture Shots make you fly like an expert to explore the fun of the aerial film, just One-click, It will fly itself and film your creative video.

Although not a well-known brand yet, the Ruko drones are making their name in the drone industry by every passing day. Their F11Pro drone is a great choice for people looking for quality within a price range.

Such specifications including such a low range make it one of the best drones with its cheap price with high-level performance.

Strong performance: This drone is designed to provide you with live video transmission of 300-500 meters. The image transmission distance is a good 500 meters.

The GPS positioning enables you to capture exactly what you want without the fear of ending up with blurry images.

It also helps you program your drone to return home exactly when needed lifting all your worries.

Ease of use: It is easy for beginners as it is equipped with functions like Auto Return, FPV, Tap Fly, Headless Mode, and One Key Take Off as well as landing.


  • 4K ultra-HD camera with great resolution
  • Stable GPS signal
  • 3-month warranty
  • Consists of an extra battery
  • 30 minutes of flight time

Pros and Cons

Final Verdict

No doubt about it, this is the best drone for beginners.

With its multiple features and ease of use, even a small child will be able to operate it and with such a low price, it is indeed a wonder in the tech world.

Force1 F100GP

Force1 F100GP GoPro Compatible RC Drone
  • GoPro Compatible Camera Drone for Adults: The F100GP RC drone is built for adventure with a 1080p HD action camera and GoPro action camera mount compatible with GoPro Heroes 3 and 4; expertly capture HD photos and video footage with this drone for GoPro
  • High-Powered Brushless Drone Motors: Tougher, more powerful brushless motors give you a long flight range of up to 500 meters; this drone with 30 minutes long flight time races in 2 speeds and includes 3 swappable RC drone shells (white, blue, and black)
  • 1080p HD Wide-Angle Drone Camera: Enjoy panoramic view and perfectly capture moments from the sky in vivid colors; this video drone can be set to record from above during its flight; high landing gear protects your quadcopter drone camera when landing

I would recommend drone as one of the best beginner’s drones in the field lifting your worries of accidentally going for a complex drone.

Well, you don’t need to worry much about that since the F100GP is one of the best beginner drones with a camera and GPS, both the essential traits needed in a newbie drone.

High-value attributes: The F100GP drone has a special GoPro action camera installed that works with both GoPro Heroes 3 and 4. This enables the drone to capture HD photos and videos in a giffy.

It is a JMX Bugs 3 model and includes 2 rechargeable drone batteries as well as a 2.4 GHz remote.


  • Capable of 360-degree flips
  • 1080P HD-resolution
  • 3 different bodyshells
  • 30 minutes of flight time

Pros and Cons

Final verdict

The powerful brushless motor and the high-quality camera simply cannot be ignored even when the drone does not support live-viewing.

If you want it for taking pictures, this drone works for you.

Drone Buying Guide

Now that you’re familiar with a few drones, you must think that you’re ready to tackle the drone world. Wrong. You still have a long way to go to figure out which drone works for you.

To help you own a great drone even if you aren’t a professional, here is a list of things you should always consider before choosing a drone.

  1. Why do you need a drone?

Reasoning why you need to get a new product is the first step when you buy something new especially something as expensive and valuable as a drone. If you’re spending so much for recreational purposes and nothing serious, go for cheaper ones however if you’re buying one for professional purposes, you should look out for a few things.

If you’re going for marketing, look for drones that have a higher resolution camera. Survey purposes require GPS enabled cameras while those required for inspection require high-quality live video transmission. Look for your drone accordingly.

  1. Frequency of use

Now, why do you need to worry about the frequency of your use? Well, you need to do that as it will affect both the hardware and the durability of the device. According to the durability, you will need to get an insurance plan. Since drones cost a hefty amount, an insurance plan is a must.

If you use the product daily or weekly, your sole focus should be strong and sturdy hardware and long durability. If you plan on using the product once a month or so, you can focus on other things like design and resolution as well. Or if you just plan to use it annually, then can even go for delicate and elegant models.

  1. The kind of shoots you will be performing

What I am referring to here is the camera quality. Or the type of camera installed in the drone. The camera is the defining factor of your drone. It is what the performance is measured by. Another important feature is the gimbal. If you’re looking for precise picture quality, always go for a 3-axis gimbal.

Another tiny trick is looking for drones with interchangeable parts. These are known as modular drones and might cost extra than the regular fixed ones.

  1. Where will you be flying it?

Although modern planes are made with high-quality materials and excellent construction, you still will face issues even in the slightest downpour.

Why, you’d ask?

It will affect camera resolution. Not only rain but even low light and standing water will make it difficult to capture clear and neat images.

Since stabilizing your drone in such situations takes up too much battery, an alternative could be to look for drones with higher battery life. Such a long life will make your average time in the rain last even longer.

  1. Have you used drones before?

I can state this with confidence; flying drones isn’t easy at all. Although getting the drone out of the box and into the air is pretty easy, settling your hand on the features is pretty convenient as well. But when it comes to capturing data, running the GPS, or such advanced features, things do tend to get a little tricky.

Go for drones with GPS features as they make pathfinding an easy task. Another feature that makes drone flying easy and worthwhile is different modes. The more the modes, the simplified the controlling will be.

  1. Durability before everything else

The thing that matters the most is indeed the durability. As I mentioned before, the frequency of use is a major factor that affects durability. Flying such a delicate item means you don’t get to choose how it performs when up in the sky. Now, what if the system messes up and your image collection process is disrupted? It will affect your work a lot.

To prevent such a situation, go for sturdy and durable drones that will last you even in the most difficult situations. Your drone should be able to withstand extreme weather and occasional collisions to achieve the ultimate durability status.

Now, which drone to go for? Well, if you frequently fly in adverse conditions look for drones with speed resistances. A resistance of 20 MPH works pretty well. As I mentioned before, stabilizing consumes battery so go for one with higher battery life as well.


Is 400 dollars expensive for a drone?

For a camera drone, $400 is not expensive. You will be lucky if you find a camera drone with high-resolution and additional specs at such a low price.

Are drones under $400 good for beginners?

For beginners, if you do not need the camera, there is no need to go for such pricey drones. A drone costing $250 or less will work just fine as well.

Can I get a 4K drone for under $400?

Yes, you can but the options are limited. Great 4K drones usually cost $500 and more. If you look thoroughly, you might be able to find one for less.

What are the nominal range and battery timing of the drones under 500?

When we go any higher than the $400 range, the specification level rises resulting in better products. The nominal range should be around 3000 ft with a battery timing of more than 20 minutes.


I hope my article comprising of these drones under $400 proved to be helpful today.

My favorite one amongst them was the DJI Mavic Mini because not only is its design super elegant and pretty but the drone itself is made of high-quality and supports the best features.

If your budget is a little more than $400, we recommend checking the Fimi X8 SE 4K drone, which is an ideal price-to-quality choice.

If you liked any of these drones, do let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, happy flying!