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Best Cheap Instant Film (For Polaroid & Fujifilm Cameras)

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Instant cameras are a type of camera that produces prints almost immediately after you take a picture.

If you’re reading this, I believe you own an instant camera and might be looking for low-budget film for it.

In this post, you’ll find cheap Polaroid and Fujifilm Instax instant film that you can get online.

Let’s dive in.

Instant Film for Polaroid Cameras

One of the most popular instant cameras is Polaroid. They have their own specific instant film which can be easily found online. They are good quality but the original Polaroid film is quite expensive. However, I highly recommend getting original instant film for your camera. This paper will ensure that you can produce the highest quality photos that will not fade for a long time.

The instant film we recommend is compatible with most of the instant cameras for weddings we’ve analyzed in this article.

Here are the most popular types of Polaroid instant film that you might be looking for.

Polaroid 600 Film

Polaroid 600 film is a classic instant film that produces unique and vintage-looking prints. The film is easy to use and produces high-quality images with rich colors and a signature instant film texture.

A 600 film pack normally comes with a small battery, which makes this film type the most common in the vintage camera community.

Plus, the instant camera film doesn’t take more than 10 – 15 minutes to develop your photos. Just place it upside down to protect it from the light. Plus, make sure there’s enough light around while capturing a photo. The film works best with more light.

In addition, the instant film is backward compatible, which means it works with:

  • Polaroid 600
  • Polaroid Impulse
  • Polaroid SLR680
  • Polaroid i-Type one step 2 cameras

Overall, the film will do what’s it supposed to do: Take you back in time and give you a nostalgic feel in a retro style.

However, the film can be quite expensive compared to other instant film options, and it’s important to ensure proper storage to prevent image fading over time.

Polaroid Color Film (For I-Type Cameras)

Polaroid Color Film for I-Type cameras is a great option since it’s a more affordable alternative to classic Polaroid film. This instant film is specifically designed for I-Type cameras.

The film produces vibrant and saturated colors, with a sharp and clear image quality that captures fine details.

Your instant photos are ready within 15 minutes. The film produces the best results when there is more light exposure. This is because the film needs time to capture all of the details in the image.

When there is not enough light exposure, some of the details may be missed and the photograph may appear blurry or dark. In that case, feel free to use an additional light source. Keep in mind that these images are supposed to look and feel vintage.

The film is also easy to use and comes in a compact and user-friendly cartridge.

However, this film may take longer to fully develop than other instant film options, and the image size is smaller than traditional Polaroid film.

Instant Film for Fujifilm Instax Cameras

Let’s now review the best instant film for Fujifilm Instax cameras. For these options below, make sure to double-check if the aspect ratio matches your instant camera format.

Regular (Mini) Instant Film – Widely Used Popular Choice

Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film is a popular and widely used instant film that produces prints you can easily fit into your wallet. Just press the shutter and wait for your photo to develop almost instantly. The prints contain a fun and playful aesthetic.

Here’s a quick sum up of why this film gained massive popularity:

  • The film is affordable (I think it’s one of the cheapest ones on the market).
  • It is easy to find and use, and compatible with a wide range of Instax Mini cameras.
  • The prints are high-quality, with bright colors and a glossy finish that captures vivid memories in a compact and portable format.
  • The paper has that classic widely recognized white frame at the corners that you can write fun and memorable messages on.

However, you may need you more than normal light to get acceptable quality photos from it.

Also, it’s worth noting that the film can be somewhat sensitive to light and temperature, and it’s important to store it properly to prevent image fading over time.

Overall, this film is a great choice for casual social gatherings or events with your family or friends.

Wide Instant Film

Fujifilm Instax Wide Instant Film is a larger format instant film that produces prints with a wider aspect ratio, making it ideal for capturing landscapes, group photos, and other wide-angle shots.

The wide format (10.6 x 8.4 cm) of this film is going to help you capture a wider scene.

This film produces vivid colors and a glossy finish. It’s compatible with a range of Instax Wide ((200, 210, 300) cameras and is widely available and affordable.

However, like other instant films, it can be sensitive to light and temperature changes, and proper storage is essential to prevent image fading over time.

Square Instant Film

As the name suggests, Fujifilm Instax Square Instant Film produces photos that are in a square format.

It is a newer instant film format that produces square-shaped prints, reminiscent of classic Polaroid instant film.

It’s compatible with a range of Instax Square cameras, including the popular Instax Square SQ1 and SQ6.

The image quality, contrast, and color reproduction are all good. Plus, you get them developed right in front of your eyes.

However, it’s important to note that the image size is smaller than other square formats, and the film can be sensitive to light and temperature changes. It’s also more expensive than, for example, Instax Mini instant film.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When buying instant film consider the size of the instant film, image quality, and development time before buying one. The biggest mistake you should avoid is buying the wrong size of instant film and later finding out that it is not the right size for your camera.

Polaroid instant film costs around 15$ – 20$ for a pack of 8 instant photos. Additionally, a pack of 16 photos would cost around 30$ – 33$. So basically the more you buy, the cheaper it is.

If there are no local stores around you that sell instant film, the best place to buy it would be online. For example, Amazon or you can buy online directly from the brands.

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