Entity – Free Lightroom Preset

Entity Lightroom preset was created to save time in post-processing. It helps to intensify the colors of the image creating a soft pastel look and making your subject pop while leaving room for your own improvements.

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entity lightroom preset


This preset is designed to:

  • Intensify the colors
  • Make your subject pop
  • Give a subtle pastel look
  • Bring out more detail

But here’s the major magic: It has no additional HSL corrections. Enjoy final result without affecting any specific colours.

Its main purpose is to make the subject ‘pop’ from the background.

This plugin can be applied to a greenish landscape, flashy urban photo or even black and white portrait!

Make additional colour adjustments yourself.

For example, you have a picture that you would like to increase greens. Apply this preset and add some green saturation and/or decrease the luminance.

That’s it!

This preset is also designed to avoid too highlighted or too dark areas.

If you feel that your image needs some additional corrections – apply the Entity preset and feel free to play with shadows and highlights.

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