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Envato Elements Pricing & Subscription Plans in 2024

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The Australian provider of digital assets, Envato Elements, offers one of the cheapest pricing for unlimited downloads. The subscription includes a vast amount of images, videos, graphic elements, templates, fonts, and other assets, making it great value for money.

In this article, I’ll explain how much Envato Elements subscription costs and what you can get for its pricing plans.

How Much Does Envato Elements Cost?

Envato Elements costs from $16.50 to $39 per month, depending if paid yearly or monthly. Yearly plan comes with a 57% discount and costs $198/year, compared to $468 if paid monthly.

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Below, you can find what Envato Elements costs per month across different plans.

Teams$58 – $107.50 $29 – $53.75

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Envato Elements Subscription Plans – What’s Included?

Envato Elements offers four pricing plans: Individual, Student, Teams, and Enterprise.

All plans include access to the same library of unlimited downloads. The main difference is a particular price for larger groups, students, or those with custom needs.

Here are more details of each plan.


envato elements individual plan price
Envato Elements Individual Plan (Source: Envato Elements)

This is the most popular plan that offers unlimited downloads of high-quality graphics, templates, images, audio tracks, video clips, and more.

  • Monthly price: $39
  • Yearly price: $16.50

This plan is suitable for freelancers, designers, and content creators who require a consistent influx of resources for their projects.

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Good news if you are a student reading this. Recognizing the needs of students, Envato Elements offers a discounted subscription plan tailored to their requirements.

With Student plan, you get everything the same as you would with Individual plan, just at a discounted price.

  • Monthly price: $33
  • Yearly price: $11.50

To be eligible for this plan, you’ll have to provide your educational email that proves you are either a student, a teacher, or a staff member of an accredited educational institution.

So while you are a student, the Student plan can assist you in accessing the necessary tools for your academic and creative projects.


The Teams plan is designed to facilitate group access to the platform’s content. Multiple team members can work seamlessly by sharing assets, which enhances efficiency and ensures a cohesive approach to projects.

Here’s a breakdown of Envato Elements Teams subscription pricing:

Team MembersPrice Per Month (Paid Monthly)Price Per Month (Paid Yearly)

This plan is great for small to medium-sized teams working on various creative endeavors.


Consider this plan if you are part of a larger organization (6+ people) with more extensive creative needs. With the Enterprise plan, you will get custom pricing & licensing, more than 5 members, and dedicated support.

In order to get this plan, you will have to get an inquiry by filling out a form and contacting their sales team.

Can You Get Envato Elements Free Trial?

Envato Elements does not offer a free trial.

envato elements free trial
Expiration of Envato Elements Free Trial (Source: Envato Elements)

Instead, the platform offers affordable subscription options that allow you to explore and download without limits from their creative asset library for a fixed monthly price.

What’s more, is that the platform offers 12 freebies each month that you can get even without signing up.

Is Envato Elements Considered Cheap?

Envato Elements is often regarded as a cost-effective solution for individuals and businesses seeking a wide variety of creative assets. Considering the broad array of resources available and the unlimited access provided by the subscription, many users find the $16.50 monthly fee to be quite reasonable.

Before making a purchase, I recommend considering your needs. If you have a demand for a high volume of creative assets, then Envato Elements could be one of the best investments for your business.

If you are looking for a single specific asset, you can choose Envato Market or Creative Market, offering individual asset purchases for different prices.

Payment Methods

You can pay for Envato Elements subscription with:

  • Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay

Envato Elements supports multiple payment methods to cater to its global user base. This variety of payment options makes it convenient for subscribers from different regions to choose a method that suits their preferences and financial practices.

Cancellation Policy

Canceling your Envato Elements subscription is a straightforward process. You can cancel your subscription at any time in the Account options, and you will retain access to the assets until the end of your billing cycle.

This flexibility allows subscribers to manage their plans according to their needs without any long-term commitments.

However, after the end of your subscription, you can no longer assign assets to new projects. Still, you can continue using items that were previously licensed to your projects.

Envato Elements vs Competitors Pricing

If you can’t decide if Envato Elements is worth paying for, I recommend comparing it to some other similar platforms. Maybe you’ll find other platforms worth your attention.

PriceUnlimited Downloads
Envato Elements$16.50 per monthYes
Storyblocks$30 per monthYes
iStock$29 – $334 per monthNo
Creative MarketFrom $2 – $19 per itemNo

This price comparison table should help you get an idea of how Envato Elements’ price compares to the competition.


With a monthly fee of $30, Storyblocks offers users unlimited downloads of a variety of media assets. The platform has a Starter plan for just $15 per month, but it includes only 5 monthly downloads. Storyblocks is mostly used by video creators and offers integration with some Adobe Creative Cloud products.


iStock provides pricing tiers ranging from $29 to $334 per month. However, these plans come with limited downloads. Depending on the user’s needs, iStock might be suitable for those looking for specific high-quality assets but not requiring unlimited access. Compared to Envato Elements, iStock can get really expensive but might offer more high-quality photos and videos.

Creative Market

Compared to Envato Elements, Creative Market operates in a different model and is based on purchasing individual assets, allowing users to purchase individual items ranging from $2 to $19 each.

This pay-per-item approach can be cost-effective for those who only occasionally require assets and want to handpick each one.


If you find yourself consistently needing diverse creative resources, the subscription plans can offer substantial savings compared to purchasing assets individually from other platforms.

I believe the best choice is the yearly subscription which costs $16.50 per month for individuals. This plan helps you save around 57% providing access to a vast library of assets for a whole year.

To learn more about Envato company or see their other products, read this article about Envato and how it works.

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What are the different subscription plans offered by Envato Elements in 2024?

Envato Elements offers four main subscription plans: Individual, Student, Teams, and Enterprise, each tailored to different user needs and group sizes.

How much does the Individual plan cost at Envato Elements?

The Individual plan costs $39 per month if paid monthly, and $16.50 per month if paid yearly, offering a 57% discount on the annual subscription.

What does the Student subscription plan entail, and who is eligible?

The Student plan offers the same benefits as the Individual plan but at a discounted rate of $33 monthly or $11.50 monthly when paid yearly. Eligibility is limited to students, teachers, or staff members of accredited educational institutions.

Can you describe the Teams subscription plan?

The Teams plan facilitates group access and is priced per member, ranging from $58 monthly for two team members to $107.50 monthly for five members. Yearly payment offers significant savings.

What is the Enterprise plan, and how can one inquire about it?

The Enterprise plan is designed for larger organizations and offers custom pricing and licensing, requiring an inquiry through a form submission to discuss specific needs with Envato’s sales team.

Does Envato Elements offer a free trial?

No, Envato Elements does not offer a free trial but provides access to 12 freebies each month which users can download without a subscription.

How is the cost-effectiveness of Envato Elements assessed?

Envato Elements is considered cost-effective, particularly due to its comprehensive library and unlimited access model, with plans as low as $16.50 per month making it a viable option for those needing a variety of creative assets regularly.

What payment methods are accepted by Envato Elements?

Envato Elements accepts several payment methods including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, and Apple Pay, catering to a global audience.

What is the cancellation policy for Envato Elements?

Subscriptions can be canceled at any time through the Account options, with access to assets continuing until the end of the billing cycle. However, assets cannot be assigned to new projects after the subscription ends.

How does Envato Elements’ pricing compare to competitors like Storyblocks and iStock?

Envato Elements is often cheaper than competitors like Storyblocks and iStock, especially for users requiring unlimited downloads, with comparisons showing substantial price differences for similar access.

Where can I learn more about Envato’s other products and services?

For more detailed information on Envato’s range of products and services, including detailed comparisons and reviews, readers are encouraged to visit the official Envato website or consult additional resources related to Envato and its operations.

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  1. Envato is implementing regional pricing. PRO Tips, if you are from Indonesia or use VPN location Indonesia then you will get $8,9 / month for subscribing annually

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