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In this article, we’re giving you a detailed review of Filmora 11 cost and pricing plans.

It is one of the most popular and versatile video editing tools in the market.

The price varies on your needs. Basically, you are paying to create all types of videos including social media content, presentations, advertising videos, educational videos and more.

By the end, you’ll know if the video editor is worth your buck or not.

Let’s start.

Video Editor:

Filmora 11


$49.99 – $155.88 a year

Lifetime Option:


Free Trial Version:


What is Filmora 11?

Filmora is an easy-to-use video editing software that has a variety of powerful features with plenty of effects.

Filmora 11 is its user-friendly version, which makes it ideal for a beginner video editor.    

You can start creating advertising videos for your brand without any video editing experience.   

Here are a few benefits of Filmora 11:

  • Easy command-line interface
  • Offers a free version with no time constraints
  • Effective drag-and-drop functionality
  • Comes with tons of transitions
  • Advanced audio editing
  • Low-cost lifetime plan

What‘s Included in Every Filmora 11 Plan?

filmora 11 pricing

Although every paid plan comes with its own perks, a few features overlap.  

Here is what every pricing plan includes:

  • No watermark on your videos
  • Advanced features like Motion tracking, Masking & Speed Ramping
  • Stock media

There is also Filmora free trial available but there will be a watermark in rendered videos.

Let’s talk about every Filmora 11 pricing plan.

Filmora 11 Pricing Plans

Annual Plan Price

The price of Filmora’s annual plan is $49.99.

For an extra $18.99/month you can get a full package with effect & plugins included.

The package costs $68.98 and comes with:

  • Filmstock Standard Assets
  • NewBlue FX
  • Boris FX
  • AI Portrait

The Filmstock Standard Assets include images, videos, audios, and more, which you can use in your videos to make them more appealing.

Moreover, you can also get  AI Portrait Add-on for an additional per-month cost.

The add-on lets you remove backgrounds from your videos with ease. It also allows you to add:

  • Borders
  • Noise
  • Pixelated effects
  • Segmentation video effects
  • Glitch effects

Here is the breakdown of the price with and without the extra features:


On Filmora 11’s annual subscription, you can export as many videos as you want without having to worry about the large evasive logo on them.

With this plan you’ll also get 1 GB in Wondershare Drive to upload and share your project files.

And, of course, you get a full year’s updates when you pay for the annual plan.

In addition, the plan comes with support service, so you can rest assured that your problems will be timely resolved.

Perpetual Plan Price

The Perpetual plan comes at $79.99 lifetime if you buy Filmora 11 only.

If you want Filmstock Standard Assets, NewBlue FX, Boris FX and AI Portrait add-on, it’s $116.95. But you’ll have to pay $36.96 monthly for these additional effects and plugins.

Here are the features of the Perpetual plan.


Of course, you won’t be seeing a watermark on your videos on this plan either.

The main attraction of perpetual plan is lifetime access. It’s incredibly cost-effective because you will not be paying for any monthly or yearly subscription.

You pay once and own Filmora 11 for life on the perpetual plan.

Moreover, you get tech support on this plan, too.

However, the main disadvantage of this plan is that you would have to make a new purchase in order to access a new version of Filmora in the future if, for example, Filmora 12 is released.

Team & Business Annual Plan Price

filmora education plan pricing

Then comes Filmora’s Business annual plan. If you own a company, this might be for you.

The pricing for a single-user license is $155.88 per year, and it almost doubles with the addition of every user.

There is a volume discount that applies when you add more users.


You’ll get free updates and free tech support on the business annual plan. 

And, no attribution would be required on your videos. This means that you won’t have to mention that the video is made with Filmora when you are using it for advertising purposes.

You also get multi-user control on this plan; this lets you manage your licenses across multiple devices.

What’s more, the business annual plan comes with flexible payment options.

The Business Annual plan is ideal for company use, meaning that you can create videos for:

  1. Internal use (internal communications, training)
  2. External use (marketing, advertising, and promotions)

So, what’s the difference between the individual and business plans?

On the individual plans, if you want to include a paid promotion in a video, you’ll need to mention that the video was made with Filmora.

Whereas, the business plan doesn’t require you to do that.

And if, for example, you are creating videos for a brand or company’s Youtube channel, you should purchase this plan too.

Educational Plan Price

filmora education plan pricing

Here is educational plan’s pricing structure for students:

  • Filmora 11 Monthly Plan (1 PC): $19.99
  • Filmora 11 Annual Plan (1 PC): $40.99
  • Filmora 11 Perpetual Plan (1 PC): $49.99

As an educator, if you need an account for more than 20 users, you’ll have to submit a small form.

If you are a student, you can get a generous discount.

The price for students starts from $19.99. As a student, you can save up to 38%.


Video content has revolutionized the education industry. It’s the perfect way for instructors to teach students without having to visit them physically.

If you are a student or an educator, you can a discounted price.

The company is really going out of the way to make the tool more affordable for educators and learners at all levels.

As an educator, you can create easy-to-consume videos and teach students online remotely. 

One of the most prominent advantages for students and instructors is the user-friendly interface.

Moreover, the software company also offers a variety of resources to make your educational content more effective and appealing.

As for customer support, you get a multilingual team of experts.

Filmora 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Like any good video editing software, Filmora 11 offers a money-back guarantee, so if you don’t like what you got, you can get your money back.

But, of course, that has to be within a certain number of days.

You don’t have to claim a refund in every case; Filmora also allows you to swap one product with the other if you want.

The good thing is:

Most of Filmora’s products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you have a whole month to test the tool.

But, the time limit to recover your money isn’t 30 days for all the products.

For instance, the data recovery products have a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Moreover, you won’t get your money back instantly. The company takes around a week to process your funds.

And, depending on your payment method, it can even take longer.

But, you might not need to initiate a refund in the first place.

You can get Filmora free trial with all the premium features, allowing you to test-drive the software before going through with the purchase.

The only difference between the free and paid versions is the watermark.

So, it’s a good idea to create some videos for free and see if the software is worth your buck.

And, the refund feature of Filmora isn’t that straightforward either. There are some situations where you won’t qualify for it.

No-Refund Scenarios

Filmora makes it clear in its refund policy that you need to read the product description and understand its capabilities before buying it.

If you don’t read it and end up getting dissatisfied with the video editor’s functions, you won’t qualify for a refund.

Moreover, you can’t claim a refund based on credit card fraud. You need to contact the card issuer in case there is a problem.

There are a few more no-refund circumstances which you can find them on the official Wondershare page.

Filmora 11 Pricing Verdict: Is It Worth It?

Filmora is one of the most popular video editing tools for a reason; it’s easy to use and comes with powerful editing features.

The best thing is that it isn’t expensive; the individual perpetual plan is especially attractive. It lets you own the software for life.  

And, as a student, you can get a generous discount on the software.

All in all, Filmora is a cost-effective tool. It gets the job done effectively without breaking the bank.

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