Fimi X8 SE Review: Great Value 4K Drone in 2022


Xiaomi FIMI X8SE 2020 Quadcopter Drone

The X8SE drone is ideal for people who love to use the latest and advanced digital technologies.

Enjoy up to almost 35 minutes of flight time, 8 km flight range and the camera which can record up to UHD 4K resolution. Its foldable arms keep the drone compact for travel inside your pocket or small backpack, and the lightweight construction makes it easy to carry with you.

Though not without its drawbacks, this drone has a significantly lower price point than its brothers DJI drones.

This drone has made life easy by presenting its skilled and smart features to the people.

You can enjoy the live streaming, and HD resolution will allow you to cherish your memories.

The thrill and excitement that you get in flying the Fimi X8SE drone are unexceptional.

If you are a beginner, you may need guidance to fly and use the drone by utilizing its accurate features.

Join me in this FIMI X8SE review and getting the complete scenario of this device.

Let’s dig into the detail.

What is Fimi X8SE Drone?

fimi x8 se drone

With quality and performance combo, this drone makes an excellent alternative for DJI Mavic. The device made by Xiaomi is ideal to live stream your important moments, and you can watch high-quality videos and capture premium quality photos from its camera. The result will amaze you in getting the complete and ideal coverage.

The best part about this drone is its ability to record videos from 8 km of distance. It’s quite a comprehensive distance that a drone can capture having in mind kind of low price. 

But you will need to understand its features before bringing it into a working position.

The effortless and flawless flying will be controlled by the remote, or you may connect the device to your smartphone or iPad to get appropriate and desired results. The incredible flying time with a safe and comfortable flight won’t disappoint you in time of need.

Its multiple built-in features would allow you to feel the flying joy when it is in the air. The landing and locking in one position option would help you see the magic and perfect flying options.


  • 8 km range camera with UHD vision
  • 33 minutes of flying time with ideal and smart tracking remote control
  • Automatically hover when there is no flying zone
  • Excessive power warning
  • Low-battery alarm
  • Renin-proof design
  • Wind-proof
  • Light-weight
  • Foldable and portable design

Key Features

Gimbal and axis

The device comes with a 3-axis gimbal with a professionally controlled algorithm to control the moment with high deficiency resolution. You can fly your drone in the windiest conditions because of its excellent 3-axis Gimbal. If you want to enjoy the live streaming by sitting at a distance then, you must use this drone for the best and ideal results.

Hisilicon ISP chipset

This powerful device’s fantastic feature is its Hisilicon ISP chipset to provide the 4K UHD videos without any blur and interruption. Its live streaming is incredible, and you can control it according to your situation. The ISP chipset would allow you to record the videos with 100 MBP.

The most important feature is to shot at night with its Hilisicon ISP chipset. You can get the noise reduction feature and make your videography perfect and incredible for you and your loved ones.


The best part of this drone is the 4K camera to provide you 4k HDR video of 30 fps or 1080p HD video of 60 fps. The beautiful and vibrant videos and pictures are no more a dream. The comprehensive and detailed videography will allow you to enjoy the event in full swing.

You can also take high resolution images using the 12 MP camera. Easily create a panorama by using its app on your phone.

The incredible 3-axis Gimbal will provide and arrange the pictures and videos with a detailed and comprehensive preview. Thus, you can obtain your desired result with each flying time.

All of these camera features make it a great choice for drone photography.


The 8 km is the maximum flight distance that it can travel with ease. The drone has the longest distance to cover effortlessly. So make sure to find an open space for the best possible range.

Flight Time

The approximate flight time provided by manufacturer is 33 minutes. However, you should expect 20-30 minute of flight time in real-world conditions. So have this in mind when you battery is running low and don’t forget to return your drone back home.

However, 30 minutes is an impressive time you can fly. Competitor drones for similar price usually have shorter flight time.

Design and Control

The FIMI X8SE comes with a foldable and detachable design to serve the users in the best possible way. Its dimensions with 73 x 106 x 204 mm are excellent for flying the device and keeping it in case. You can manage to take it along anywhere with you.

The remote control is ergonomic with excellent controlling buttons. Its size is compact, and the quality is durable. Thus, you can control your device feely while sitting at a distance. The perfect control will let you fly the drone with ease. 

Shooting and Tracking Modes

The device is sensitive to the shooting objects, and you can shoot with its accurate shooting mode. By installing its app to your mobile device, you can get the unlimited benefits of this product. The drone comes with a locking system and can capture videos and photos from one specified place.

The shooting involves the rocket, dronie, circle, and spiral modes to provide the live and perfect coverage for you. You can use its effortless features to control and capture the moment flawlessly.

Search and Rescue Mode with Landing Option

It can travel up to 8 km of height without any effort. Its search and rescue feature will allow you to track and fly the drone with ease. Ideally, you can locate the drone on various spots, and it’s essential to use the SER mode for effortless flying time.

You can land the drone easily because of the camera present at the downside of the device. Its working is comprehensive, and you can watch the landing position without any difficulty. 

Many other features also contribute to safe landing options like hovering at one place when there is a no-fly zone, GPS tracking, wind warning, excessive battery warning, and the battery end alarming sound.

Pros and Cons

Fimi X8 SE Price

Fimi X8 SE drone costs around $450-$550 but the price depends on the provider. However, the price is going to be higher if you are buying a package with extra batteries or propellers added.

The device works well at 40 degrees, and you may be getting the complete package for your amusement.

We say the price is terrific with its intelligent flight features. You can get multiple benefits, and it’s effortless to think about the cost. Its quality is excellent, and you do not compromise on quality when it comes to price.

Is Fimi X8 SE Worth it?

If you observe its flying and videography feature, it’s best in its domain. The device has an impressive and high-quality camera with UHD videography and photography, and can travel up to 8 km of distance.

The X8SE drone has favorable and ideal conditions to facilitate the users. You can use its built-in multiple flying features to fly the drone effortlessly.

If you want to get the perfect drone with a 4K camera and propellers then you never miss this option. Thus, gear up your curiosity and get ready to enjoy the unlimited and uninterrupted live transmission.

Final Verdict

Fimi X8SE drone is ideal for beginners and experts as well.

Having mentioned all the technical advantages, its portability is also a super-impressive feature to buy the product with ease.

The safe landing and the hovering at no flying zone will help to capture the still and remote photography.

With its high-resolution images and vibrant colors, we say that it’s a perfect drone choice.

Enjoy and play.