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FixThePhoto Review (2024): Does It Provide Quality Photo Edits?

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FixThePhoto provides professional photo editing and retouching services for individuals and businesses. The service offers editing for different types of photos, such as wedding photos, product photos for e-commerce, real estate photos, high-end portrait retouching, and more. And for many busy photographers, this sounds exactly like the salvation they’ve been looking for.

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Service Photo editing
Turnaround time 2-5 days
Package prices $60 – $315


  • Professional retouchers
  • Wide range of photo categories you can get edited
  • Email & live chat support
  • Discounts on large orders
  • Additional products such as Lightroom presets, PS actions, overlays & more


  • The website could use an update in functionality and design

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How Does FixThePhoto Work?

FixThePhoto, as the name suggests, is an online photo editing and retouching service. It is a simple and easy-to-use platform for customers to submit their photos and receive high-quality editing services.

The great thing about the platform is that they offer packages for editing photos of different levels of complexity. Also, it is a great rescue for those who need a large number of photos edited.

Many photographers and businesses outsource photo editing to save time, get creative results, and get quality photos for a fair price.

Here’s how to use FixThePhoto’s services:

  1. Choose one of the photo editing packages
  2. Make a payment and submit your photos
  3. Receive photos after a few days
  4. Request revisions (if necessary)

Who is FixThePhoto Best For?

Here’s a list of those who would benefit the most from the platform’s photo editing services:

  • Wedding photographers
  • Photographers with many clients
  • Real estate agents
  • E-commerce businesses
  • Marketing and advertising businesses & agencies

Overall, FixThePhoto can be beneficial for a wide range of individuals and businesses.

Wedding photographers who have a large number of wedding photos can outsource editing. Real estate agents can benefit by submitting their photos of real estate to boost the overall look of the images or mask unwanted details.

E-commerce owners can use the platforms to submit their product photos. They could use the service for background removal, color correction, or creating shadows.

FixThePhoto also offers more advanced editing services, such as photo manipulation and restoration.

fixthephoto photo restoration example
Photo restoration services (Image:

With this service, you can submit your old photos and get them restored quickly. There is also an option to ask for colorizing the picture.

However, various customer reviews are proving that the platform might not be for everyone, so it might be worth giving a try to see if it meets your criteria.

My Review: Here’s What You Can Expect

I used FixThePhoto photo editing services by submitting one of my photos and asking for some retouching. I wanted the final image to be suitable for LinkedIn profile picture.

The Proccess

First, I submitted my photo and provided some instructions:

fixthephoto providing instructions

After making the payment, my order was ready in 5 hours.

order ready fixthephoto

That was really quick.

Of course, I submitted just 1 photo. The platform states that the average turnaround time is about 48 hours.

Here is the before and after result (I mentioned some changes that were made):

fixthephoto before and after example

They even provided me a second version of the same photo with a bright background (I didn’t ask for it, but enjoyed the result).


In my experience with Fixthephoto, the service was fast and reliable.

Their email customer support was a bit slow, but friendly and explained everything I needed. I didn’t use live chat since I wasn’t in a hurry, so email support worked out pretty well.

Their website also seems a bit old and could use website and UX updates, but the quality of their services is excellent.

And, of course, you can’t guarantee that you will always get the desired result and some photos can turn out to be different than your expectations.

Things You Will Like

  • Fixthephoto offers fast and reliable photo editing services that cater to different types of clients.
  • The company has a team of professional photo editors who have years of experience in the field.
  • Fixthephoto offers a range of pricing options, making it accessible to different types of clients.
  • The pricing options are transparent, meaning there are no hidden fees or charges (at least I couldn’t find any).

Things You Might Not Like

  • Some clients may find the pricing to be on the higher end compared to other photo editing services.
  • The company’s customer support may not be as responsive as some clients may prefer.

How Much Do FixThePhoto Services Cost?

FixThePhoto has a wide range of photo categories that you can get edited. Here are the main prices for some of them:

Photo Editing

  • High-end retouching package: $60 for up to 6 photos.
  • Pro retouching package: $120 for up to 24 photos.
  • Premium magazine package: $180 for up to 6 photos.
  • Wedding pack light package: $99 for up to 700 photos.
  • Wedding pack premium package: $315, includes 700 photos of color correction, up to 25 photos of retouching and up to 2 photos of creative manipulation.
  • Background changing package: $60 for up to 6 photos.
  • Damaged restoration package: $75 for up to 3 photos + colorizing 1 photo.
  • Creative manipulation package: $200 for up to 2 photos.

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Additional Products

  • Lightroom preset collections: from $22
  • Photoshop extras (actions, overlays, textures): from $11
  • Video LUTs and overlays: from $19

>> Read our guide: How to install presets in Lightroom mobile

FixThePhoto Alternatives

Maybe the service quality didn’t sell you, or maybe it’s just not what you were looking for. Whatever the reason, there are some great FixThePhoto alternatives you can choose from.


Upwork is a freelance marketplace offering a wide range of services. One of them is photo editing.

Compared to FixThePhoto, freelancers on Upwork can have more competitive prices. However, the quality of the edited photos isn’t guaranteed since some (mostly cheap) freelancers lack experience.

While there are many similar alternatives, to make the final decision it’s best to try both platforms and see which business model better suits your needs.


We Edit Photos offers similar services to, focusing mostly on high-end portrait retouching and wedding photo editing. They provide extremely fast 24-48 hour delivery, 24/7 customer support, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Having similar pricing to FixThePhoto, they don’t offer huge discounts for large orders. But if this platform looks more promising to you, definitely consider this option.

FixThePhoto: the Bottom Line

All in all, I would recommend using FixThePhoto services. With high-quality photo editors and competitive pricing, their services are useful for photographers, real estate agents, ecommerce owners, and other businesses.

Of course, I can’t guarantee it will meet your quality standards. Yet, if this is a huge drawback for you, I encourage you to take a shot at finding a reliable freelance photo editor.

Or if you decide that you want to edit photos yourself, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and Luminar Neo are the most popular options for that.

We hope that you enjoyed our review and will make an informed decision.


FixThePhoto provides professional photo editing services, allowing photographers and businesses to outsource their work.

Yes, FixThePhoto is a legit and trustworthy photo editing service. Founded in 2003, the service delivers professional work and offers a wide range of expertise.

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