20 Free Lightroom Presets To Shape Your Photos Fast

Are you trying to save up some time and edit your photos faster?

You came to the right place.

Enjoy amazing results fast by adding these free Lightroom presets which will save you some effort. Moreover, these action sets can be applied to various types of photos – landscapes, portraits, architecture, blogging, Instagram posts or even selfies.

Since they have different variations of saturation, clarity, warmness, highlights and shadows, you can pick up the best one for your needs.

Here is a list of free Lightroom presets made by different talented creators.

1. Beautiful Sunrise Preset

traveler preset
Get Traveler Preset. Everyone loves to travel. But not everyone has time to edit their photos. Just throw this preset in your Lightroom and easily turn your travel photos into award-winning pictures.

2. Mini Enlighten Presets

Get Mini Enlighten Presets. Bring your photos to life with these 8 different looks. They will boost the colors and give a warm look.

3. Grace Preset

grace preset
Get Grace preset. Achieve purely soft and warm skin tone. To clarify, this preset is created to remove unwanted shadows and make elegant, expressive portraits. If you like to take portraits, this one will save you a lot of time.

4. The Hub Preset

Get The Hub Preset. Apply this one to sharpen the detail and add a nostalgic and dramatic look to your photos.

5. Orange & Teal Preset

Get Orange & Teal. One of the most popular colour combination for your summer or nature photos. Relax like the man in the photo and use this 1-click Lightroom preset to achieve professional results.

6. Car Presets

Get Car Presets. This set of 10 plugins is suitable for any picture of automotive. Matte and film look will not only bring satisfaction to every photographer, but will also make the picture look like a freeze-frame from a Hollywood movie. 7. Beautiful Sunrise Preset
Get Beautiful Sunrise preset. Having basic settings this preset will create a slightly better look. It has a nice mix of colour and is a perfect fit for landscape and scenic photographs.

8. Cinematic HDR Preset

Get Cinematic HDR Preset. Turn any landscape photo into a cinematic desktop image using this preset. Achieve high-dynamic range with brighter highlights and more contrast.

9. Vibrant Landscape Preset

Get Vibrant Landscape Preset. Have a dull picture with lack of colours? This problem usually occurs when taking landscape photos in front of a bright sun or against a large light source. In short, fix it quickly by applying this plugin to your RAW photo file.

10. Blod Brothers Preset

Get Blood Brothers Preset. The name speaks for itself. It pops the colours, gives a strong, natural look and adds a professional touch.

11. Food Preset

Get Food Preset. This is every food blogger’s must-have preset. It adds gentle fade, warm softness and a cozy mood. Helps to turn your photos into tasty-looking cooking magazine pictures.

12. Elegant Wedding Preset

Get Elegant Wedding Preset. Perfect choice for every wedding photographer. By enhancing brightness and temperature this preset will result in creating an effect of elegance. Perfect result to put into a photo album or share with friends online.

13. Hipster Preset

Get Hipster Preset. Modern vintage style with strong brown colour tone is one of the most trending filters. Its’ main benefit that it will work on different types of photos.

14. Cherry Blossom Preset

Get Cherry Blossom Preset. Add some spring feeling into your picture. Notice how gently it saturates the greens? This preset also makes the subject pop giving warm and soft tone.

15. Aesthetic Preset Pack

Get Aesthetic Preset Pack. This pack contains of 20 free lightroom presets with a wide range of different styles. Use it for all kinds of photos.

16. Dark And Moody Landscapes Presets

Get Dark And Moody Landscapes Presets. Some photos begs for moody tone to be added. This is where this preset comes as the solution. It will help your pictures to “stand out from the daily flood of images on our screens”.

17. Blogger Preset

blogger presets example
Get Blogger Preset. A free Blogger Lightroom Preset taken from a presets collection which will enhance the imagery for use in your blog. It fits perfect for product photography and flat lay which is then used in for blog posts. This preset has been carefully created by a professional photographer and Lightroom expert so they will look good with many different types of photo and camera brand.

18. Portraitx And Other Presets By Eric Rai

Get Portraitx And Other Presets By Eric Rai. If you like taking portraits this one is just for you. Since high-end retouching is time consuming, make crisp portraits while maintaining a nice color tone with this preset.

19. Heleneinbetween Presets

Get Heleneinbetween Presets. Sometimes we want to add some fascinating spice to our pictures to gain this “wow” reaction of the viewer. That is to say, this preset adds brightness and sharpness and makes the image more pleasing to our eyes.

20. Insta Look Preset

Get Insta Look Preset. Always wanted to achieve the famous Instagram look? This plugin of bright and pastel colours is a perfect alternative to achieve it. In addition, it’s great for creating an eye-catching Instagram grid, giving the popular summer look.