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12+ Free Luminar Neo Presets for Photo Editing (2024)

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Luminar Neo is a powerful photo editor with many AI-based features. However, editing for the first time or without any knowledge can be tough. Especially if you’re new to Luminar Neo or want to minimize editing time.

Luckily there are dozens of free Luminar Neo Presets you can use to start with. After applying one of them, you will have fewer customizations to make yourself.

To get you on the road, we’ve designed presets that can be used for different images.

What Are Luminar Neo Presets?

Luminar Neo presets are predefined settings and filters that can be applied to your photos with a single click.

By utilizing Luminar Neo presets, you can effortlessly experiment with various artistic directions and transform your photos more easily. Using presets will also save you a lot of time.

Each preset provides a combination of edits, including changes to color tones, exposure, contrast, saturation, sharpness, and more.

Free Luminar Neo Presets

Use these aesthetic presets as a starting point for your photos. Some of the presets will include just minimal changes to your photos, while others serve to boost colors, bring out more detail, or highlight the subject.

Download 12 Luminar Neo Presets For Free

Click here to Download all 12 Luminar Neo Presets for free.

Let’s take a look at all the presets that are included in this bundle.

Boho Vibes Preset

boho vibes luminar neo preset

Capturing the warm and cozy essence of cherished moments, the Boho Vibes preset is perfect for both everyday occasions and vacation memories.

Whether it’s a simple shot of friends or a snapshot from a journey, this preset will add an artistic and nostalgic touch. Its earthy tones and relaxed atmosphere make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to add a touch of vintage charm to their images.

Enhanced Landscapes Preset

enhanced landscapes luminar neo preset

This preset will make nature’s magnificence come to life.

Tailored specifically for landscape photography, it amplifies the lush colors of the environment, particularly the vibrant greens and blues that define outdoor scenes.

Film Look Preset

film look luminar neo preset

This Film Look Luminar Neo preset will make viewers step into the realm of nostalgia.

Designed to emulate the vintage charm of classic film photography. The final look of the images is similar to 35mm film photos.

Gloomy Preset

gloomy luminar neo preset

For those seeking to evoke emotions through their photography, the Gloomy preset offers a moody and mystical transformation.

Gloomy is particularly effective in enhancing action shots, adding a layer of intensity, and making photos more dramatic.

Vibrant Colors Preset

vibrant colors luminar neo preset

Vibrant Colors preset will help you to enhance and intensify the richness of hues, bringing more life into your subjects and making them pop off the screen.

No matter if you’re editing an image from a captivating sunset or a playful portrait, this preset can be a great starting point.

Urban BW Preset

urban bw luminar neo preset

Experience the power of monochrome storytelling with the Urban BW Luminar Neo preset.

By converting your photos to black and white, this preset adds a layer of drama and cinematic flair that elevates the narrative. It helps to evoke emotions through contrast and texture. The only black and white preset in our bundle.

Details Boost Preset

details boost luminar neo preset

Boost details in your photos with this preset without any effort.

It’s a go-to choice when you want to emphasize textures, patterns, and elements that might otherwise go unnoticed. This preset is particularly effective in showcasing the finer points of architecture, nature, and still life.

Faded Greens Preset

faded greens luminar neo preset

Faded Greens offers a creative twist to your outdoor, wedding, and interior photographs.

It gently fades the green hues, contributing to an artistic, dreamy appearance. The subdued yet elegant greens blend harmoniously with other colors, allowing the subject to stand out.

Airy Preset

airy luminar neo preset

This preset adds brightness to the overall image, also a refreshing touch that elevates the mood of the scene.

It’s an ideal choice when you want to retain the authenticity of the moment while adding some vibrant energy that makes the image pop.

Lifestyle Blogger Preset

lifestyle blogger luminar neo preset

The Lifestyle Blogger preset is perfect for daily life pictures and makes a great choice for social media-worthy urban and city photography.

Designed to give your photos a noticeable boost, it enhances colors and adds a touch of vibrancy that’s perfect for creating captivating collages and grids.

Travel Preset

travel luminar neo preset

This preset is here to help you elevate holiday memories, designed to infuse vacation photos with bright and vibrant energy.

Whether you’re capturing stunning landscapes, sea, or food, this preset ensures that every memory stands out.

Street Portrait Preset

street portrait luminar neo preset

Bringing the vibrancy of urban life to the forefront, the Street Portrait preset is a photographer’s ally in capturing the essence of dynamic street photography.

This preset is particularly tailored for portraits, enriching skin tones and enhancing colors to create captivating portraits against the backdrop of bustling streets. By adding a subtle background blur, it draws attention to the subject while maintaining the energy of the surrounding environment.

Free Presets Included in Luminar Neo by Default

There are many default presets you can choose directly from the Luminar Neo photo editor. And the good news is that they are totally free.

default luminar neo presets

And if you want more, there are also paid presets, overlays, and objects you can get from Skylum marketplace. Use our Luminar Neo promo code to get an additional discount for Skylum products.

If you haven’t had the chance to give Luminar Neo a test yet, you can try it by getting a 7-day free trial.

How To Install Luminar Neo Presets?

To install Luminar Neo presets, you’ll have to copy unzipped folders to the Luminar Neo user presets folder.

There are 2 ways to locate this folder:

  1. Manually, by finding the Luminar Neo folder on your computer. Go to Luminar Neo > Data > Presets > Usersfolder location luminar neo presets
  2. Automatically, by locating My Presets in Luminar Neo editor and clicking on 3 dots next to an existing preset. Then select Show in in folder luminar neo presets

This will open the folder with the exact location of user presets.

move luminar neo presets to folder

After that, all you have to do is move preset folders to the located folder and restart the Luminar Neo app.

That’s it!

We also made a guide on how to install presets in Lightroom mobile.

How To Create & Save Luminar Neo Presets Yourself?

Creating Luminar Neo is a very easy process. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Import your photo and make some edits.
  2. After you are satisfied with your edits and want to apply them to other images, click on Actions > Save as Preset.luminar neo make edits and save as preset
  3. Name your new preset and press your preset
  4. Now this preset is always going to be located in Presets > My Presets

You can repeat the same process to create as many presets as you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to download Luminar Neo presets?

If you’re looking to download a Luminar Neo preset, our list is a great place to start. Simply choose a preset for landscapes, portraits, vibrant colors, and more from our list, provide your email and we’ll send you the presets. If you want more presets you can find them on the official Skylum marketplace.

Are these presets compatible with other products?

No, these presets are compatible with Luminar Neo creative editor only.

How do I get more Luminar Neo presets?

There are several ways to get more Luminar Neo presets:

  1. Explore free presets included in Luminar Neo editor
  2. Check out the official Skylum marketplace
  3. Check our bundle of free Luminar Neo presets

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