Gobe Lens Filters: Best Models Reviewed

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Are you looking for the best Gobe filters for photography?

That‘s great, because one thing is certainly clear:

What makes these lens filters our favorite is their quality-to-price ratio.

What is more, this brand is inspired by nature and buying it funds local communities to plant 5 trees in areas that are affected by deforistation.

In this Gobe filters review, we are going to look over the best (and cheap) UV, ND and Circular Polarizing (CPL) lens filters.

Gobe UV Filters Review

Let’s start our Gobe filter reviews with the most basic and widely used Gobe UV filters.

UV filters are no longer used to take care of the ultraviolet light.

Rather, they are used as protective filters of our lens glass by acting as a barrier to protect our lenses from any debris, twigs, rocks, or sticky fingers.

You can use these filters for any – Canon, Sony, Nikon lens other camera lenses you have. 

Gobe UV Filters are perfect for outdoor shoots to protect your lenses from any damage that might happen on-field.

Gobe’s German and Japanese glass filters are phenomenal as they do not affect the quality of the photos in the slightest. They are incredibly durable and can withstand everything you can imagine needing them to.

Gobe UV Schott 16-Layer Ultra Violet Filter

The Gobe UV Schott filter is nicely engineered with a reassuringly crisp gnarling and thin profile and contains a multi-resistant coated ultraviolet filter, which helps reduce light reflections and protects your lens from any kind of dust, moisture, and scratches.

Hence, you can adjust the color contrast and saturation of images. The 16-layer multi-coating provides maximum flare protection and the UV filter is highly effective for preventing UV lights from entering your lens and reduces blurring.

It also provides extra assurance in case of accidental drops. The high-quality German Schott B270 glass provides top-level light transmittance, increased optical clarity, and color fidelity. It comes in beautiful packaging with a lens cloth given with each filter.

Pros & Cons

Gobe ND Filters Review

The main Gobe neutral density filters that are a must to try:

  • ND8
  • ND64
  • ND1000

The good news?

You can buy a kit which contains all of them.

These variable ND filters allow you to slow scenes down such as water and create dramatic effects, with limited to No-color-cast.

That’s exactly what you want with an ND filter.

The fixed ND filters are my personal favorite as they are built to perform a specific task such as cutting out a specific amount of light but that doesn’t make the variable ND’s any less favourite because they also do a fantastic job.

Gobe Lens Filter Kit containing ND8, ND64, ND1000

While we’ve never really been fans of variable ND filters mainly because they were a little too pricey but Gobe has upped its game with their ND filters that are the highest standards in quality while remaining reasonably priced.

Talking about the Gobe Lens Filter kit, This excellent camera lens filter set includes a lens cap, a cap keeper, UV and CPL filter NDs including an ND8 (3 stop), ND64 (6 stop), and ND1000 (10 stop) filters and a filter case.

High-quality, Japanese optical glass with 16-layer nano-coating that provides neutral color balance, reduces lens flare, removes ghosting, and projects against scratches, dirt, and grime. You can mount these filters on your camera lens permanently because these are high-quality filters and create a minimum impact on the quality of the image.

Pros & Cons

Gobe NDX Variable ND Filter

Instead of buying a lot of fixed ND filters, you can choose a variable ND filter.

Gobe NDX variable ND lens filter comes with a rotating ring between ND2 and ND400 and cuts out a fixed amount of light intake from 1 to 8.66 f-stops without affecting color balance which easily makes it one of the most versatile and easy-to-use options available in the market right now.

It is designed with a premium Japanese optical glass with 8-layer nano-coating that helps reduce vignetting, provides a neutral color balancing, and removes ghosting when you are shooting from wide angles.

It also comes with a round metal case that is slightly larger than the filter( absolutely better than the crappy plastic cases provided by other filter suppliers) and a Gobe cleaning cloth

Excellent value for money, Gobe NDX Variable ND Lens Filter is well made and will bring the color and clarity back to your outdoor videos and images so you can create stronger depth-of-field and motion blur effects.

Pros & Cons

Gobe CPL Filter Review

The effect given by their CPL filters in post-processing is second-to-none.

They can take the glare off of water if used at the right angles. CPL filters also do a phenomenal job of boosting contrast and colors in other landscapes as well.

Gobe Circular Polarizing (CPL) Filter (3Peak)

The Gobe Circular Polarizing (CPL) Lens Filter comes from one of the most well-regarded filter makers Gobe, known for its best quality filters in the most reasonable pricing, with easy gripping on the outer rim and more than one thread sizes to choose from.

It brings premium German Schott B270 optical glass and 16 layers of nano-coating for better light transmission and reduction of flaring and ghosting. The surface of the CPL filter is also stain-resistant and water-repellent. The consciously designed magnalium rims of this filter are double-threaded and slim to avoid vignetting.

This filter is thin enough to fit nicely on a wide-angle lens without any trouble. The company also promises to plant five trees for each filter you buy. Low cost, high performance, reliable company, 5 new trees in the world – that’s what makes it a great offer. 

Pros & Cons

What are Gobe filters?

The Gobe is a project of two Australian guys who took a leave from their studies to travel around the world taking pictures and having fun.

They came up with the idea of producing lens filters and saving the planet at the same time upon observing the dramatic deforestation in some parts of the world and so their venture began.

What intrigued me about their filters was that for every filter you buy, you help plant  5 trees in some parts of the world.

Their filters are available in three different qualities:

Final Remarks

Lenses, are one of the most important parts of the camera gear as they can make or break the deal depending on the quality. You should always look for lens filters that not only accentuate shots but also protect the lens.

With hundreds and thousands of pricy lens filters out there, I wanted to go for something that gives a good quality-to-price ratio so I decided to give this new kid in the block a try. And Gobe filters are worth the shot.

High quality, sensible pricing, and low profile but sincere environmental policy, you won’t get a more suitable filter option at such a low price.