Godox Lights Review: Excellent Budget Studio Strobes

godox lights review

Are you seeking a career in photography or just following its footprints as your passion?

You must be aware of different techniques that are used for creating a nice and soft light on your subject.

For serving the mentioned purpose, some of the best and cheap Godox lights for photography should be considered. You can also use such lights to create an amazing background to shoot your movies or small clips.

Besides, fashion photographs and even wedding photoshoots are amongst the tasks which can be performed using these lights.

Let’s have a look below for a detailed explanation of every product.

Godox SK300II Studio Strobe 300W’s Review

Top Features Reviewed

Excellent performance. Once you feed in it the settings which you will be wanting, it memorizes it. You will not have to add it again and again. It will recall the settings itself once switched on. In addition to this, Godox SK300II lights also have an amazing output on LEDs. These do not fluctuate more than 2%.

No preflash. There is no preflash in this light which is a positive feature. It will behave as a good company with cameras which you will be using with the light. It results in better image quality overall.

Highly adjustable. These light lamps are way more user friendly than you might think. These can adjust from 5% to 100% power available. All accessories are included with these lights.

Fan for cooling. As the function of these lights has to be utilized for a long, it can heat up after a certain period. To keep it cool for the work to go on smoothly, it is equipped with internal fans. These fans keep on working so that these lights can work efficiently.

Additional Specifications

  • Metal body
  • Have in-built fans for cooling
  • No preflash
  • Memory recovers itself

Pros and Cons

Final Verdict

You will find the Godox SK300II lighting kit an excellent device for capturing your wedding events. Just make sure to use it with the correct voltage power. Otherwise, it is a good to go product.

Godox SK400II Studio Strobe 400W’s Review

The next lighting kit on the list is the Godox SK400II Studio Strobe. You will find these lights as one of the best budget strobe lights for photography. None of the others can beat their quality.

Top Features Reviewed

Wisely designed body. The body of Godox SK400II lights is made with high-quality metal. Metal keeps the light strong enough to bear any outdoor harshness. The no-preflash option acts as a lifesaver sometimes. The connection of these lights with the supporting cameras run smoothly.

Quick working. The product is equipped with outstanding capacitors which make sure that there is always the correct amount of power being supplied. Capacitors also make sure to maintain the exact voltage to charge the flash at a faster rate.

Does not forget what you have fed. There is an internal feature available in these lights which memorizes all sorts of settings that you do to them. You will not have to add them multiple times. It will be remembered if added once.

Easy adjustments. Godox SK400II lighting kit can adjust with all kinds of powers available. Whether it is 5% power or 100% power, your work will not stop. It can also work with the same output without having shifts extending 2%.

Additional Specifications

  • Better adaptability with supporting cameras
  • Fast charging of flashlight with capacitors
  • Visible LED displays
  • Stable output

Pros and Cons

Final Verdict

Godox SK400II is unique in itself. You can imagine the satisfaction you will get from such amazing features.

Except for the diffuser, you get all the essential accessories with it like its transmitter and receiver.

Godox SL-60W Review

The one to be explained now is a product which you will feel is the most demanded one. You can trust its quality and its features without any doubt.

Top Features Reviewed

Increased brightness. Godox SL-60W lights, as the name indicates, have 60W LED beads. These finest LED beads help in the adjustment of brightness. It can be increased or decreased according to the requirement. There is a protecting cover that accompanies it for protecting the delicate LED beads.

Let’s go wireless. You can now enjoy the setting of brightness adjustments that too without the hassle of wires. No wires are needed in it as the remote controller can do the task for you. The option of switching the temperature between Celcius and Fahrenheit is also given.

Easy to carry. The kit is light and easy to carry around. Whether it is an indoor event that you need to cover or an outdoor one, Godox SL-60W will be there to keep you covered. You can also address these as the best portable lighting kit for photography.

Suitable for all events. Not only clicking onto the snaps is the task of this lighting kit, but also video making, capturing short movies, and even a wedding shoot, all can be done using these. You name it and you can see it.

Additional Specifications

  • 60W LED beads
  • In-built fans for heat distribution
  • Brightness can be adjusted
  • Has wireless settings

Pros and Cons

Final Verdict

This lighting kit is like an all-rounder. It has covered nearly all the features you could’ve wished for. You must give it a try and I am sure it’ll not disappoint you through its outstanding features.

Godox MS300 Studio Strobe 300W’s Review

The fascinating design of Godox MS300 studio lights will somehow grab your attention. It is a Godox continuous light that is reinforced with certain wireless equipment too.

Top Features Reviewed

Exclusive built-in. These lights are made in a way that they consist of 32 radio channels and 16 groups. There is an in-built X system which is 2.4GHz. The wireless remotes which can be used with this light are the X1, XT16, Xpro, and X2.

Quick actions. The lights operate pretty fast. Their flashlights get charged fast too. It is very fast, faster than you can imagine it to be. The time it takes to refresh itself is hardly 0.1 to 1.8 seconds.

Adjustment of power. The tendency of the power to get adjusted is very precise. It occurs in 50 steps. The brightness can be adjusted too. It can be selected between 5% to 100%. When there is heavy loaded work on the flash and it has to keep on working, you need to have some mechanism.

No more than 2% tolerance is made to the occurring shifts in power.

Memorization. Everything that you will feed in its settings will simply be recognized and remembered in it. Once you change any setting, everything will get memorized by it after 3 seconds.

When you restart the device, settings will resume from where they were left.

Additional Specifications

  • Wireless X system
  • Fast flash and recycling reactions
  • 150W light modeling
  • Adjustable brightness and power

Pros and Cons

Final Verdict

Having so many positive features has made Godox MS-300 the winner in everyone’s eyes. You can get an amazing click with sufficient brightness and speed with this set of lights.

GODOX QS400II 400W’s Review

The fifth lighting kit on my list is the GODOX QS400II. You will find this device accompanied by all the professional cameramen. This product is a must for them due to its quality and eye-catchy features.

Let’s take an in-depth look into this product.

Top Features Reviewed

Rough and tough body structure. The metallic body is made to withstand any external pressures it might have to bear. It consists of a glass cover on the flashlight tube. Also, it has a protective modeling light cover. There is a small isolated area for power as well.

This lighting kit is well-known for its professional photography. You get amazing results with 40W 2.4G which is a professional studio light.

Wireless points. The wireless points on these lights make it easier for you to operate them. You will not have any discomfort managing the wires here and there. Their wireless points are named S1 and S2. The head of these lights has no difficulty in comparing itself with the camera it is supported too.

Duration for recycling. The time taken by these lights to recycle is very less. It is about 0.3 to 1.5 seconds for the GODOX QS400II lighting kit. Whereas, the duration that a flash takes it about 1/800 to 1/2000 seconds. Isn’t it fascinating?

Additional Specifications

  • Has 32 channels and 16 groups
  • The exterior is made sure to be tough
  • No pre-flash
  • Has wireless remote controls

Pros and Cons

Final Verdict

GODOX QS400II is very convenient to use for small and big events for capturing lifetime pictures and memories.

The excellent advantages that it possesses have let it high in succeeding with its memory game always on.

Godox Lights Buying Guide

For you to sit back and relax, yet buy the correct stuff, I have prepared a buying guide. It will prove to be very useful for you if you are serious about buying the best suiting lighting kit for you.

Powerful flashes

Everyone will know this fact that if there is no proper lighting in your background; your picture will be dull no matter what. You need some amazing kind of brightness to lighten up your movie or some clicks.

Flashes play a really important role in this aspect. Make sure you buy the flash with the supporting lighting kit.

Metallic body

The making of your photography light is yet another important feature to discuss. Note that you are not going to use these light kits only indoors. There will be times when you have to take these for outdoor shoots. The material of these lights should be strong enough to bear the environmental conditions.

Distribution of heat in the environment

When you keep the lights on for longer durations, it is very normal for them to get hot. The heating up is normal but if it is not taken care of, then it can lead to massive destruction. You need to have some kind of air circulating inside the making to keep the system cool.

Therefore, photography lights are equipped with in-built fans in them. These fans keep on doing their work to make the lights a little cooler.

Settings memorized

Try to choose from products that have a higher tendency to keep in their internal memories that what settings you recently made. The machinery might keep on forgetting it every time and there is no sync of the changes made. If such is the case, you will have to repeat the act of adding it again and again.

Based on this buying guide, you will feel knowledgeable about what you should be looking for before buying.


After a thorough description of every lighting kit, I am sure you must have chosen the best Godox light for photography. Let me tell you about my preference. I’m in love with the classy look and amazing features of Godox SL-60W. It can adjust the brightness very well.

For even more creative results, make sure to use a CPL or ND lens filter too.

With a little more research, you’ll find your match too. If this article has proved to be helpful to you by any means, do let me know through your feedback.