Harry Potter Boudoir Photoshoot by Sarah Hester

Harry Potter is a series of seven fantasy novels that have made huge success after it came to the public in the form of eight series of Harry Potter films. This novel was written by British author J. K. Rowling and produced by David Hyman with the leading stars Emma Watson, Daniel Redcliffe, and Rupert Grint. Daniel Redcliffe plays the character of the Young boy Harry potter and made the film a huge success due to its impactful acting which makes the people relatable to the character.

Zachary Howell who is a fashion model & photographer with having a strong resemblance to Harry Potter met Oklahoma City Photographer Sarah Hester at a meet-up held at her studio for photographers, according to BuzzFeed. She said that when they met, she discovered that Howell has a striking resemblance with Harry, and she started calling him ‘Harry’ because she could not remember his name as there were other photographers too. She jokingly started teasing him to shoot a Harry Potter Boudoir session and asked if he would be willing for it or not. He liked the idea, and they planned the shoot a week later.

If you are not familiar with a boudoir shoot:

A boudoir is typically a type of sexy photoshoot usually captured in the privacy of the bedroom, usually in low light. The reason why this shoot went viral was the strong resemblance of Zachary Howell with Harry Potter and no one can imagine what would Harry look like all grown up, shirtless, holding a wand, and in the bedroom. Sarah and Zachary said that they had a lot of fun during the shoot while Sarah added that she was pretty uncomfortable because she typically does not shoot men.

Sarah said that she had absolute fun shooting with Zachary and he completely channelled the popular character for the steamy pictures. She added that they didn’t expect much from the shoot but the love and popularity it gained was amazing.