Hubsan Zino Pro Review: a Budget-Friendly Drone


HUBSAN Zino Pro Plus Drone with 4k Camera
- 4K aerial imaging and videography
- 3-axis stabilization
- Long battery life along with improved flight and landing modes
- Precise flight stability and fail-safe mode

These numerous features make it stand out among the former drones by the Hubsan. This will help you up your game in a very budget-friendly manner.

If you are looking for a first-rate quadcopter with a very sleek and compact look then you are at the right place.

It does not only come with high-end features but also at a very reasonable price as compare to other high-grade drones in the market.

Hubsan is quite famous brand that takes the lead by manufacturing low-cost drones with ultimate features. This Hubsan Zino Pro is very much similar to the other latest drones in the market but at a price less than $500. This is the reason that Hubsan Pro is getting all the spot light by the customers.

Unlike its predecessor this Pro version is considered to be much more improved in terms of specifications.

In this Hubsan Zino Pro review, we are going to highlight the main specifications along with pros and cons, so that you can analyze whether it is worth considering or not.

What is Hubsan Zino Pro?

The Hubsan Zino Pro is an all-black foldable 4K drone with a very simple white and green logo on the top of it along with few air vents in order to keep the system cool during the flight.

The design of this drone is very refined depending upon its low cost. As we know foldable drones are much preferable by the customers because they are more compact and easy to carry around.

Hubsan Zino Pro comes with 3-axis Gimbal camera that offer complete stabilization during Aerial imaging.

It is fairly delicate with a weight of mere 700 g making it easy to use for recreational purposes. Though the space occupied by the Zino Pro drone vary depending upon folded or unfolded state.

In case of folded drone it measures about 187 x 104 x 90 mm whereas when fully expanded it measures about 304.6 x 252.4 x 90 mm. It has a 23 minute flight time which is quite remarkable with minimum air resistance.

Hubsan Zino Pro Specifications


Ultra HD 4K


3840 x 2160 30fps

Flight Time:

23 min

Signal Range:

4000 m

Flight Speed :

10 m/s

Motor Type:


Charging Time:

3 hours

Battery Capacity:

5000 mAh

hubsan zino pro plus

Top Features of Hubsan Zino Pro

Sophisticated Design

Hubsan Zino Pro is a foldable drone that makes its portability easier without any hassle.

Its collapsible design makes it as small as a smartphone once folded. This feature helps with less space consumption in your bag. But once unfolded its size is the same as average drones in the market.

Though the compact design proves very helpful during travelling as it saves quite a lot of space in your backpack for other essentials.

Its brushless motor is quite powerful that increase flight time and stability. The propellers are quite durable so you don’t have to worry about any damage during transportation.

There is a MicroSD slot so you can store the captured images and videos or if you want a direct transfer to your PC there is a dedicated USB slot as well.

It is designed in such a way that the protective cap covers the camera during flight mode to prevent damage. But if any damage occurs, spare parts are available in the package so you can easily replace the damaged part with a new one.

4K Camera Quality

It comes with a 4K ultra HD camera with a lens of f/2.2 aperture and a 3-axis gimbal that offers stabilization. It is able to do 4K HD shoot with 30fps resolution, though you have to do FAA registration before initiating a flight.

The camera can capture MP4 format videos and images. If we talk about static images you can get an 8 MP JPEG format image. So you can see that the images are of high quality with well-exposed colours that you can control using auto settings.

It also offers high resolution even in low light that ensures its excellent performance. The 3-axis stabilization makes the footage steady that is also an exceptional feature. This can help you get professional results even in case of windy weather.

The high saturation level and exposure settings make it beginner-friendly so you can easily capture cinematic shots without post-processing.

All in all, it’s a great choice for drone photography

Long Battery Life

Hubsan Pro has a charging time of about 3 hours and the flight can last about 23 min per charge. This is surprisingly an improvement as compared to other drones in the market right now. 

There is also fail-safe mode comprising of a one-click automatic home return button that can make your drone return home once the battery gets low. 

The battery is inserted in between clips that make it easy to remove if a replacement is needed. The clips keep the battery safe during flight and transportation.

Remote Controller

The remote controller is foldable with only two antennas on top that makes it simple yet highly functional. There is a phone mount below the controller that can hold a phone of 7 inches and is quite sturdy. 

If we talk about ergonomic importance the controller is extremely comfortable to hold. There is a pre-labelled button that makes its operation easier. 

So you can easily communicate using this remote controller with a speed of 2.4 GHz to 5.8 GHz. There are labelled buttons to switch between normal or sporty mode and Video or Photo mode. There is also a pitch control option and a return home button. 

The controller can also charge your phone once it’s connected so its battery will not die during the flight.

Ultra HD Video and Photography

When we pay quite a handsome amount for a drone we are definitely looking for HD images and non-jerky videos but what if we get the opposite? 

But this is definitely not what you can expect from Hubsan Zino Pro. 

The 4K Ultra HD Camera can not only capture all the minute details but also give you vivid yet high toned images. 

The camera can provide you with a whole wide angle of 90 to 360 degrees so you can easily get high-quality images just by pushing a button on the remote controller.

The advanced image transmission system can help you to record HD videos in panorama mode with 360 degrees rotation. The high resolution camera can record 30 different frames in a second so you can easily extract images from the video. 

There is also an installed image sensor from Sony along with a video processing chip from Ambarella. So in case of bright surrounding it will adjust the lens to reduce the amount of light. You can use a micro SD card in order to store these HQ videos and photographs. SD cards of about 128 GB are supported by it.

Flight modes

There are six different flight modes that you can select from and the explanation about these modes is available in the manual as well. These modes are as follow:

1. Line Fly Mode

This mode is an excellent option for users who want cinematic shots. 

This mode allows the drone to fly in a specific direction along with complete control of camera operation. So you can easily capture breath-taking shots and videos.

2. Automatic Return Home Mode

This is one of the most important safety features that helps with the safe landing of your drone in case the battery gets as low as 20%. 

You are left with two different options of landing including the option of landing either on your current location or the take-off location. It performs an accurate landing even more quickly than the other competitors.

3. Orbit Mode

As the name suggests the orbit mode allows the drone to circle around a static object so it can capture the footage in a 360-degree frame. 

It offers complete customization including the radius, altitude and movement at a set of points.

4. Follow Mode

This follow mode helps you to track the object whether it’s in a static or dynamic position. 

You can easily track down the certain target by ActiveTrack and the Hubsan Zino Pro will follow that target. Though the speed is not as high as some other expensive drones it doesn’t lag much depending upon its price.

5. WayPoint Mode

The waypoint mode needs you to draw the points on the map before the flight operation. 

Your drone can easily customize its flight pathway by using this feature. This allows it to move automatically following the points.

6. Panorama mode

As discussed above you can easily capture a 360-degree video just by the tap of a button. 

The drone will move around and you will get your panoramic video.

Pros and Cons

Hubsan Zino Pro Price

You can get Hubsan Zino Pro at a price less than other expensive drones in the market right now. Its price is under $500 which is quite affordable for the beginners and semi-professionals, who are in search of a durable yet high-quality quadcopter for recreational purposes.

This foldable drone is quite cheap if we compare its features with other Pro drones.

This is an all in one package in which you can not only get this foldable drone but all the accessories that are needed afterwards.

The package usually includes Zino Pro drone, remote controller, blade and blade screw, charger, screwdriver, USB charging cable, battery and a manual.

It also includes numerous spare parts so you can easily replace certain parts in case of any damage.

Is Hubsan Zino Pro worth it?

You will be happy to hear that it is a highly recommended drone for semi-professional customers who are looking for an easy operating drone that can provide HD footage.

We are very much impressed by its specs and features that stand out among the other drones that come twice its price.

Its sleek and compact design makes it easy to carry while you are travelling for recreational purposes. It competes among the best drones for under $400.

It is able to capture all the beautiful views that you are unable to capture with your smartphone or camera.

This drone can give you a professional experience with its flight performance and top-notch aerial imaging.

Honestly speaking, its pros outweigh its cons because this is the only masterpiece that you can get at such a low price.

Final Verdict

We have come to the end of this Hubsan Zino Pro Review and as promised, we have analyzed each and every detail about this semi-professional drone in this thorough review.

You can see that the advanced and innovative features of this drone at an effectively low price makes it an affordable choice for beginners.

It offers you top-notch performance under a price of less than $500 as compared to its expensive competitors in the market.

This makes the Hubsan Zino Pro drone a worth considering option for first-time fliers.

If you still want something different, check out a great Hubsan Zino alternative FIMI X8 SE