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[2024] Looka Pricing – Packages & Subscriptions Explained

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Looka offers four pricing options: $20 and $65 one-time purchase logo packages, $96/yr and $192/yr brand kit subscriptions.

You can generate logos and customize them for free. But you’ll have to pick a package and make a payment if you want to download logos and own copyrights.

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Looka Pricing: One-Time Purchase or Annual Subscription

Looka pricing is pretty straightforward – it offers 2 one-time purchase packages and 2 subscription options. Each buying option offers different benefits, so it’s imperative you pick the one that ticks off all the boxes for you.

One-Time PurchasesAnnual Subscriptions
Basic and Premium Logo PackagesBrand Kit and Brand Kit Web Subscriptions
$20 and $65$96/yr and $192/yr

If you are, for example, opening a restaurant, and will need all kinds of designs such as business cards, signboards, invoices, email signatures, and marketing materials, you should go for the annual subscription.

And if your business doesn’t quite require visuals often, or you don’t know if you’ll need any additional brand assets in the coming year, going for a one-time package makes a lot more sense, and it’s very low-cost.

If we compared Looka’s pricing to getting a logo from graphic designers, 48HoursLogo cheapest package starts at $129, and 99designs logo contests start from $299.

Looka Logo Packages: Pay Once, Keep Forever

The great thing about Looka’s Basic and Premium logo packages is that you keep your logo files forever after you make a payment. Well, in case you ask for a refund you would probably lose the copyrights too.

So, what do these packages have to offer?

Basic Logo Package ($20)

  • One PNG logo file (1320 x 1000)
  • No transparent background
  • Available to make changes after purchase

With this package, you are getting one logo file to help you get started with your project.

Premium Logo Package ($65)

  • Different format high-resolution files
  • Vectors
  • Full ownership
  • Available to make changes after purchase
  • Includes transparent background

Looka Brand Kits: Get More by Paying Annually

Brand Kit Subscription ($96/yr)

  • Everything you would get in Premium Logo Package
  • Ownership of your logo even after the subscription ends
  • All kinds of additional brand assets, such as business cards, marketing material, email signatures, social media images, etc.

Brand Kit Web Subscription ($192/yr)

  • Everything in the brand kit
  • Additional AI generated website

What if you cancel your subscription? Looka allows you to cancel your subscription anytime. Most importantly, you can still use your brand assets even if your subscription ended.

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Looka AI-Powered Platform: What You Get For Your Money

In short
Looka aims to be an AI-powered graphic design tool for creating brand assets. The idea is that you can get custom brand identity designs without design skills.

Looka offers a complete library of icons, fonts, templates, containers, and other elements for you to create a brand identity for social media, business cards, invoices, and other branded assets.

After you input your business information, Looka offers generates multiple logo options for you to choose from, allows customization if desired, and offers flexible pricing plans that allow you to make a purchase only when satisfied with the final result.

AI Generated Logos

Looka’s advanced AI-based technology is capable of creating stunning and professional logos based on your preferences and specifications. The platform can generate tons of unique logo designs that are tailored to your brand’s identity and style.

looka ai generated logo designs

Whether you’re starting a new business or rebranding an existing one, Looka’s AI-generated logos offer an efficient and cost-effective solution that saves you both time and resources.

Customization Options

Once the AI generates logo concepts for you, you can easily customize them using Looka’s intuitive editing tools. From adjusting colors, fonts, and layouts to fine-tuning the icon, Looka empowers you to create a logo that represents your brand identity.

looka customization options

Of course, these AI-generated logos won’t contain all the main design principles and elements that famous logos include, so you’ll have to add your own edits to make visual improvements.

Library of Icons, Fonts, and Containers

Looka offers a comprehensive library of icons, fonts, and containers. This vast collection ensures that you have access to a diverse range of design elements to choose from.

looka containers

There are many different categories of icons. You can choose from general categories to express creativity, minimalism, and innovation, to more particular ones such as photography, real estate, food, beauty, and more.

Hundreds of Brand Assets

In addition to logos, Looka provides you with access to hundreds of brand assets. These assets include variations of your logo, such as different color schemes and layout options, as well as social media-ready designs and business card templates.

looka different brand assets

With this extensive collection of brand assets, you can ensure consistency across all your marketing channels and collateral, presenting a cohesive and professional brand image to your audience.

These brand assets enable you to create a comprehensive and impactful brand identity without the need for additional design resources.

Looka is cheap compared to launching a contest on other platforms, but it has limitations.

Who is it best for?
In general, Looka is ideal for small personal projects. You can also use it to test new brand identity options or to kickstart your new brand visually.

Pros & Cons of Paying for Looka

  • User-friendly interface that is easily navigable
  • Cost-effective pricing options
  • Unlimited edits available after purchase
  • A platform where a logo can be created incredibly quickly
  • Helpful support
  • Brand Kit Web Subscription is quite expensive
  • Some customers may find lack of advanced editing options
  • Cheapest package consists just of one low-resolution PNG file

So Which Looka Pricing Plan is Right for Me?

Hopefully, this Looka pricing guide has helped you identify the key differences between the main pricing options.

But to sum up, here’s my take on which plan is most appropriate for different types of users:

  • If you want to test new waters or simply just to get on track with your new brand, try ‘Basic Logo Package.‘
  • If you need all necessary logo files (vectors, transparent background, full ownership, multiple formats) for your brand, try ‘Premium Logo Package.‘
  • If you need all kinds of brand assets for your personal project or business, try ‘Brand Kit Subscription.’
  • If you want to get everything for your brand identity and an additional AI generated website, try ‘Brand Kit Web Subscription.’

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can generate and customize logos on Looka for free. However, you won’t be able to download them and won’t have any copyrights to use them if you didn’t make a purchase.

We believe Looka is an affordable platform to get a logo for your personal project or newly launched businesses. You pay only when you’ve created the final result, so if you like it, it’s totally worth paying for.

The company states that once you’ve purchased a logo, you’ll have a full ownership of your logo as a whole, forever.

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