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Looka Review 2024: My In-Depth Analysis

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looka review

Looka is an online logo design tool that offers users an easy way to create professional-looking logos. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate logo design options based on a user’s preferences and specifications.

You can create an affordable logo design that exudes a high-quality impression without requiring a team of graphic designers. To make it happen, simply utilize Looka logo maker and get really creative.

Looka Review

Type: Online Logo Maker
Features: Customize colors, font, and icons
Price: From $20

Get a Logo on Looka >>

Looka provides high-quality designs that are customizable and scalable, making them suitable for various business applications.

The platform offers a variety of design features, including font selection, color palette options, and icon categories, enabling users to tailor their logos to their unique brand identity.

The designs are also optimized for digital and print formats, ensuring a consistent look and feel across all branding materials.

How Does Looka Work?

I used Looka to generate a new logo for my website.

Here’s a 3-step process you can expect when using this platform:

  1. Looka will guide you through a simple brief where you’ll need to provide your business name, industry, preferred logos, colors, and symbols.
  2. The platform will generate dozens of potential logos for your business. Here you can explore the options and pick the logo you like.
  3. If needed, make customizations to the logo you’ve picked. After that, you are redirected to the pricing plans where you can make the purchase. I like that you make a purchase only when you have the final result that you want to stay with.

And that’s it.

Looka’s logo creation process is really simple and quick. You can create a logo for your new business in just 10 minutes (I spent around 20-30 minutes since I’m a little picky).

Looka Allows You to Customize AI-Generated Logos

Looka allows you to make edits to the logo you pick. Although I must note that the editor is pretty simplistic. You mainly get to choose your logo text, a slogan, a symbol alongside it, a container (if needed), and preferred colors.

I picked one logo that Looka generated for me since I liked the icon on it. Here’s the before of how it looked like:

looka logo before

And here’s the final result after I made some edits:

looka logo final

Basically, you can customize everything.

I liked the icon Looka provided me, but I changed almost everything else – font, size, background and text colors, and even icon placement.

Note: Remember, you can also make edits in Looka even after making a purchase.

Font and Icon Library

You can search for image icons by typing a keyword into a search bar. You can also customize the font, its size, and color as well as the symbol’s size and color.

Additionally, you can change the place of the icon by moving it up and down, or to the right or left side of the text. However, you cannot shift text around.

Pros – What I Like About Looka

It Is an Intuitive and User-Friendly Tool

The platform is easy to navigate and offers a range of customization options to make the logo creation process as simple or complex as desired. The platform’s intuitive interface makes it simple to create professional-looking logos, even for users with no design experience.

looka logo brand kit examples

It provides various logo and brand kit templates that help users get started.

You Can Get a Logo in Minutes

Looka’s AI-powered design technology produces high-quality logos quickly and efficiently. It uses AI to generate design options quickly, often within minutes of entering user preferences.

looka ai generated logo designs

Of course, hiring a professional graphic designer or agency would result in potentially better and probably more creative logos, but it would take much longer (and cost more).

So if you want quick results, Looka has the advantage.

It’s Affordable

Looka offers various pricing plans starting at a reasonable cost. For just $20, you can get one logo file, for $65 you’ll get multiple logo files, including vector logos, full ownership including an option to make unlimited changes.

By purchasing Brand Kit Subscription plans (starting from $96/year), you’ll additionally get all kinds of brand assets for your business. Creating these assets would probably cost thousands of dollars by hiring a freelance graphic designer or agency.

Cons – What Can Looka Improve

Lack of Some Advanced Customization Options

One potential Looka drawback is the lack of advanced customization options, which may limit users who are looking for more unique and complex designs. As I mentioned before, the editor does not allow you to move the text.

I also found some reviews of other users that have reported limited font options and difficulty adjusting the positioning of elements in their logo designs.

Overall, Looka provides a simple and easy to use interface. And for those that want more advanced features, you may want to look somewhere else.

Limited Icon Library for Particular Businesses

Don’t get me wrong, Looka has a really impressive icon library. But if your business is in a small niche, you might have limited icon choices.

looka choosing symbols in library

For example, when I decided to go for an icon related to exposure, I found out that Looka doesn’t have many options to offer. However, I still managed to find the one that I liked.

How Much Does Looka Cost?

Looka provides four pricing options: Basic ($20 one-time payment), Premium ($65 one-time payment), Brand Kit ($96/year subscription), and Brand Kit Web ($192/year subscription).

  • The Basic Logo Package has very limited features. It includes one PNG logo file and no transparent background. It costs a $20 one-time fee.
  • The Premium Logo Package includes all the necessary logo files, full ownership, transparent backgrounds, and unlimited edits available. It costs a $65 one-time fee.
  • The Brand Kit Subscription provides you with not only just a logo but also includes all the necessary brand assets. Newly launched businesses that need a lot of brand assets can benefit from this subscription. All assets with be manageable and available in one place. This subscription costs $96 per year.
  • The most expensive – Brand Kit Web Subscription is an all-in-one solution and includes everything Brand Kit Subscription offers plus an AI generated website for your business. This subscription costs $192 per year.

Is Looka Considered Expensive?

In short, no.

Now, it depends on what you are looking for.

In my opinion, Looka is extremely helpful (and cheap) in 2 cases:

  1. Getting a low-cost logo quickly for a new business.
  2. Getting logo ideas and a draft logo that you can provide to a professional graphic designer as a starting template.

Two-thirds of small businesses are willing to pay $500 for a logo. You can get one using Looka for as low as $20.

If we compared getting a logo on, for example, 99designs, it would cost you anywhere from $299 to $1,299.

Customer Support

Looka offers live chat, email, and phone support.

I had a few questions so I decided to message support using live chat. I asked how many times I can edit my logo after making a purchase, and how I could get the logo icon so I can use it as my website favicon.

As soon as you send a message you get an automatic reply:

Looka customer support live chat example

Even though the company states that their support team replies in a day, it took only about 5 minutes until I got my answer. Nice.

The other time I messaged them I had to wait till morning since they don’t work 24/7. The company states they are available every day of the week between 9 AM – 5 PM GMT -5. Keep that in mind if you have any urgent questions.

Overall, the support was friendly and answered all my questions.

Looka Review: Is Looka Worth It?

Looka is an excellent logo maker that flawlessly combines AI while giving customers the control to make final customizations. The platform has a fair price and has gained recognition in the market over the years.

If you don’t need anything else but a logo, I would recommend going for the Premium Logo Package which will include high-quality logo files that you can use forever.

For additional brand assets, Brand Kit Subscriptions are worth considering too. You will be paying more but will be getting a lot more too. And if you don’t like it, you can always cancel your subscription.

If you don’t like the idea of getting a logo using AI logo maker, consider these logo contest platforms.

Get a Logo on Looka >>

Frequently Asked Questions

Users input their company name and industry, customize pre-generated logo designs, and fine-tune them using an intuitive editor. Looka uses AI to finalize logo that can be downloaded instantly, granting users full ownership rights.

Looka is a popular choice for businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals looking to create a logo without the help of a professional designer.

You can use Looka to generate logos and make customizations for free, however, you won’t be able to download these logos and won’t own any copyright. To download files and obtain ownership, you will have to purchase one of their plans.

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