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Try Luminar Neo
Unfortunately, it seems that Luminar AI does not offer free trial anymore. Instead, you can download and try Luminar Neo for free.

Photo editor: Luminar AI
Price: $47
Free trial: Not available anymore

Luminar AI is not offering a  free trial anymore.

During the Luminar AI free trial period users were able to get access to all of the features to see if the software meets their photography needs. It was available to use as a standalone photo editor or as a plugin.

After the trial period users were able to use the software by choosing one of the packages – Master pack, Guru pack or Expert pack.

All the packages had a 30-days money back guarantee.

The information in this article was relevant when Luminar AI still had a free trial available.

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How To Download Luminar AI Free Trial?

In order to get the Luminar AI free trial the process is very simple. Just follow these steps to claim your 7-day free trial:

  • Step #1: Visit the free download page of Luminar AI
  • Step #2: Click “Free Download” (it will start downloading automatically without any credit)
  • Step #3: Install the software
  • Step #4: Enjoy it 7 days free

luminar ai 7 days free trial

How Much Is Luminar AI After the Trial Period?

Luminar AI has three main pricing packages:

  • Master pack for $79
  • Guru pack for $148
  • Expert pack for $207

The Master pack includes only Luminar AI itself, while Guru includes Aurora HDR photo editor for extra editing possibilities.

The best package – Expert pack, includes Luminar AI, Aurora HDR and Luminar X Membership which has lots of unique templates, sky textures, photography tutorials and more. It helps to cover all aspects of your photography needs.

Key Features of Luminar AI Free Trial

Luminar free trial offers all the main features that come with the paid version.

You can enjoy all the high-end advance AI editing features and have full control over the editing process.

Here are some best Luminar AI features that we want to highlight:

Simplified Workspace

Even though Luminar AI offers highly complex image management functionality. It has a very simplified workspace with minimal tools to ensure smooth and efficient workflow.

There are extra options available to use extra tools when required. It has 4 main workspaces including Catalog, Edit, Templates, and Export.

Luminar makes everything simple to pick up and choose. In less than 20 minutes you’ll have a good understanding of how it functions even if you’re a beginner.

Collection of Templates

Luminar has a great collection of templates that use artificial intelligence. It suggests the best edits for your photos and then apply tons of individual micro-edits specific to the image.

Templates are fun to use. They are ideal for those who simply want to make their photo look great in the easiest way possible.

Plug-in for Transferring Images Between Edition Apps

Luminar AI has a powerful plug-in to make it easier for you to transfer images between existing editing apps including Lightroom, Photoshop, and macOS without disrupting your workflow.

The plug-in automatically installs on these popular images editing software you already have on your computer.

Sky Replacement Feature

luminar ai sky before and after

Though the sky replacement feature is nothing new or unique but Luminar has made it easier than ever.

It allows you to replace the boring and uninspiring skies with stunning sunrise, dramatic sunsets, milky ways, and aurora. You can also add sun rays, stars, mist, and other objects.

Portrait Enhancer

With Luminar you won’t need to apply techniques like airbrushing to enhance skin tones and other face touch-ups.

Just drag a slider and it will automatically identify the facial features. It lets you enhance an eye, slim face, and whiten teeth in just a few minutes.

AI-Powered Editing Tools

The AI tools in Luminar are super impressive and can save hours of your precious time otherwise spent in removing blemishes or sliming a face.

Luminar AI tools can perform all complex edits in the blink of an eye and results will blow your mind.

You can add realistic atmospheric effects to photos with 3D depth. Also, correct face or body distortion in the portrait images, change composition, change the color, shape, and size of the eye, and much more.

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Luminar AI Free Trial Verdict: Is It Worth It?

If you asked me:

I would definitely recommend Luminar AI to all the beginners and pros looking for an all-in-one photo editing software at a reasonable price.

It is an incredibly powerful software with advanced features that will surely make editing an enjoyable experience while artificial intelligence guides the way.

Luminar AI is the first-ever photo-editing software powered by artificial intelligence that helps to do advance and time-taking editing techniques in few simple clicks.

The software aims to make the tedious editing process fun and easy for those who are not skilled in illustrator or other photo editing apps by letting users polish their editing skills with the help of templates and other handy features.

It is a great choice for professionals who can enjoy it as an addition to Lightroom and other photo-editing software to improve their photo-editing workflow.

Luminar is designed to function alone as a Windows and Mac application as well as a plug-in for Photoshop, Lightroom, and Photos for Mac OS.

Thanks to its artificial intelligence, the software repackages traditionally complex editing processes as all-new single-click tricks.

It is an unbelievably powerful yet simple to use tool for all levels of creativity focusing on the results instead of the process.

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