How to Take Photos with Prism [The Ultimate Guide for 2021]

colour effect with prism

Ever wanted to achieve creative and fun results in photography?

It’s easy. You just need an optical glass prism.

Photography with a prism is a fun way to add some artistic and sometimes surreal effects to your photos. You can also use it to delete unwanted objects from your frame.

What’s unique about prisms is that all of this can be achieved without Photoshop or post-processing. Another advantage is that prisms are inexpensive and fit in almost any bag.

In this blog post, I’m going to guide you through prisming in photography. You’ll learn how to take creative photos using a prism.

What is a Photography Prism?

A photography prism is a piece of optical glass that can be used to reflect light and create a creative photo effect for your photos.

Usually, this prism is made of glass and works best with a source of light flowing right through the prism. Then the light is refracted through the glass and creates a colourful photo effect.

What Do You Need For Prism Photography?

One of the greatest aspects of prism photography is that you don’t need a lot of extra equipment.

All you need to start taking a cool prism photo:

  • Any camera
  • A prism

You can also use your smartphone for this sort of photograph. You can select your lens if you are using a DSLR. A lens with wide apertures can produce smoother results. Try lenses of 24mm, 35mm and 50mm.

You’re probably wondering what could be used as a prism. The best thing is to start with a triangular glass prism. Don’t worry; it’s not going to cost you a fortune. You can start with any size you want.

The best thing is that you can conveniently carry this little piece of equipment in your bag whenever you want, making it easy always to take cool photos. Make sure you have a cloth next to you to clean any fingerprints on your prism.

Check out the best prisms for photography.

How to Use a Prism When Taking Photos?

Some tips and key items to keep in mind when using a photo prism:

How Do You Make a Prism Effect?

Any time you want to work with the prism, you need to position it close to the lens in the frame area where you want the effect to be. Then shift and rotate the prism slowly to explore the effects you can produce and how to make them happen.

using prism for photography

It can be hard to try to keep the prism and take your aim at the same time. Try using a tripod to help you out. Please use Live View on your camera.

This way, you can easily change the location of the prism to produce the effect you like without having to deal with all the equipment in your hands.

Prism Photography Effects You Should Try

Using a prism for photography and filmmaking can create a range of unique effects. I’ve provided a list of some of the creative effects that you can make.

Some of these tips involve using the prism as a means of creating better lighting or removing artefacts from the frame for a better composite shot.

Refract Light for Rainbow Color Effect

You can use a photo prism to refract light to create a rainbow colour effect.

Light refraction works well for portraits and can help to improve the image by adding some colour.

refract light for colour effects

Create Image Reflection

Using a triangular glass prism you can reflect the image by angling the prism in a certain way in front of the camera.

To make it work, you need the corner of the triangular prism to be directly in front of your lens so that the lens captures a 45-degree angle of tilting in both sides of the corner.

image reflection with prism

Balance Light Source Overexposed

One of my favourite prism photo effects is to use a glass prism to obscure a source of overexposed lighting.

If you shoot midday and have bright lights that point directly to your subject from the background, you can use the photo prism to block or diffuse the light source.

It will help to balance the exposure in your image while creating an original photo effect for your images.

In-Camera Creative Video Transition

The glass prism video transfer will be for the filmmaker.

This is a perfect transition for wedding movies because the prism gives a starry and refractory look that works well for live settings.

Block Distracting Objects in Shot

One of the most underestimated photo prism techniques is to use it to block distracting objects out of your frame.

When you a capturing something with additional objects in the picture, you can use prism to block all the distractions.

Some Important Tips for Creative Photos When Prisming


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