10 Fascinating Vimeo Statistics And Facts To Know In 2023


As the consumption of videos increases rapidly on the internet, choosing where to host your video content for better visibility is a very important decision to make. Users on Vimeo can host, share, and sell videos with the embedded tools provided.

But how it’s different from other video hosting services?

To help you understand how to best optimize your Vimeo strategy and what to expect from the platform, this post carries everything you need to know about Vimeo and how it could be important for your business.

So, without much ado, here are the main statistics and facts about Vimeo that you need to have at the back of your mind.

1. How Many Registered Users Does Vimeo Have?

Vimeo may not have over a billion users like YouTube, but the community is steadily growing with over 175 million active members worldwide.

Which is easy to target.

It is stated that Vimeo is a niche community with lots of professionals who have a constructive opinion and prefer higher production value.

2. How Many Video Creators Are There On Vimeo?

Vimeo connects more than 60 million video creators

They are mostly artists, animators, musicians and filmmakers.

3. Vimeo Connects Users From More Than 150 Countries

Presently, Vimeo has been able to secure users in more than 150 countries around the world. The percentage of Vimeo users from the United States is over 33%, according to statistics from SimilarWeb.

vimeo user statistics

4. How Many Vimeo Members Use Premium Creation Tools?

In 2021, there were 1.5 million paying subscribers using Vimeo premium video creation tools, according to Statista.

This easy-to-use tool allows its users to create videos from stock videos, photos or their own footage.

There is always an option to use other video editing tools and upload these videos to Vimeo for free. 

5. Vimeo’s Top Referring Site Is Patreon

11.04% of total Vimeo viewers come from referral sites. Patreon is its’ top referring site with a referral user percentage of 8.34%.

vimeo referring sites
Source: SimilarWeb

Another 3.08% come from Github while the percentage of all others is 1% or less.

6. Over 9 Million App Installs Extremely Boosted User Session Duration

There are 9 million Vimeo app installs on Google Play which boosted average session duration by 130%. It was a very clever move for the platform since more and more users choose to watch videos on mobile devices instead of desktop.

7. Vimeo Is Older Than YouTube

Most people definitely do not know that Vimeo existed before YouTube. YouTube was launched in February 2005 while Vimeo was launched in 2004.

According to Josh Abramson who works at Vimeo, he said on Quora that YouTube became successful because it was able to host much content than Vimeo could do.

8. Vimeo Has Better Video Quality Than Youtube

A video quality test by MEDIUM demonstrated that the same screencast, uploaded on both platforms, had different video quality.

Unfortunately for Youtube, the comparison showed that Vimeo held a better quality version of the video. On the latter video hosting platform, text readability was much easier and you could see the letters more clearly.

9. Vimeo Does Not Identify Specific Ads

Vimeo operates as an ad-free video sharing and services platform and doesn’t support pre-roll, post-roll, or overlay ads. The platform has strict rules about ads. When brands want to promote, they need to implement the id into the video. However, if the ads in a particular video are irritating or misleading, moderators can ask the owner to make the video private.

But how does the platform make money, you would ask?

While other platforms make most of the money by serving their customers a load of ads, Vimeo generates revenue by offering different membership subscription plans to its creators.

10. Main Reasons Why People Decide To Choose Vimeo Over YouTube

YouTube may be the big dog but Vimeo while on a smaller scale has some main advantages over YouTube.

  • Privacy Control

Not all creators want their content to be seen by the public. YouTube doesn’t have that full privacy setting. There are some restrictions to its privacy control. It is regarded as not an ideal platform for hosting private videos.

Vimeo on the other hand is better. Vimeo allows creators to protect their videos with a password. This setting allows you to forward your videos to only people you want to view your videos and are given the password.

  • Monetization

With YouTube, you get paid a percentage from ads displayed on your videos. But you first need to accumulate at least 10K views from your channel before you can qualify to join the program.

But you can consider Vimeo as your own version of Netflix as you are allowed to sell your videos directly to viewers whether you’re a new user or not. You only need to sign up as a Vimeo Pro account user to get this opportunity.

  • Community Engagement

Vimeo may have a small audience compare to YouTube but for someone looking for helpful feedback from fellow filmmakers, Vimeo is the best platform for that.

Unlike the massive audience on YouTube consisting of both teens and adults, the condensed community of Vimeo makes your videos easily seen and you get constructive feedback from mature minds.


While others might think that Vimeo is becoming less popular, the truth is the opposite.

With 240 million (and growing) active monthly users, there’s a huge pool of consumers to engage with.

Plus, the community is unique.

Vimeo is a platform mainly aimed at creators and artists. It attracts users by having a different monetization system, excellent video quality and fewer ads than other platforms.

We’re hoping that these statistics and facts have helped explain why you should consider using Vimeo and given you some ideas of what to do on the platform next.

Summary: Vimeo Statistics And Facts

Here’s a summary of the Vimeo statistics you need to know in 2023:

  1. There are more than 175 million registered members on Vimeo worldwide.
  2. Vimeo connects more than 60 million video creators.
  3. Users from more than 150 countries are using Vimeo.
  4. In 2021, there were more than 1.5 million members using Vimeo premium video creation tools.
  5. Patreon is Vimeo’s top referring site with a referral user percentage of 8.34%.
  6. There are 9 million instant Vimeo app installs that helped to boost user session duration by 130%.
  7. Vimeo is older than Youtube and was launched a few months earlier.
  8. Videos on Vimeo are better quality than on Youtube.
  9. Vimeo operates as an ad-free video sharing and services platform and doesn’t support pre-roll, post-roll, or overlay ads.
  10. Users often prefer Vimeo over YouTube because of more valuable privacy control, monetization and community engagement.

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